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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

August Camping Trip

Last month, which was August, we Robinsons took a camping trip to -errrr- Bear Creek Lake State Park. It was a pretty small place but it was still really nice there. I think we got site "A-7" but I'm not exactly sure......maybe it was "C-7" or...........I don't know....

As soon as we got there, which was around 2:00 or 3:00 pm, we set up our camp: moving the table, pitching the tent, etc. After that we walked down to the beach-there was a trail leading down to it-and we kids ran around in the sand, playing tag.

Pretty soon we, or rather everyone besides me, got hungry, and so we headed back up that long steep trail and made dinner. You can probably guess what dinner was..........hamburgers and hotdogs.

Later that night Dad built a fire and we roasted marshmallows. Both Will and Jaime attempted to roast their marshmallows until they were slightly brown, but they didn't always turn out the way they wanted them to. Jaime held her marshmallows way too close to the fire so sometimes they would start to burn and she, being extremely disappointed in her marshmallow, would give it to Mom to eat.

I, on the other hand, love my marshmallows burnt! I don't care for the burned outside really, but I love how the inside turns all gooey; it tastes so delicious! Besides, you can't really taste the outside when you're thinking about the inside. =P

We went swimming the next day. That was pretty cool. I remember floating on my back and closing my eyes for a short while, and when I opened my eyes again I was alot farther out than I thought. (Guess that's how sin works, huh? People think, I won't go that far into sin. I'll never do this, this, or this. I just want to do this little sin. Well, one sin leads to another, and pretty soon they're at a place in their lives, they never thought they'd be at. Sorry, just thinking.)

We kids also went to the sand later that day when noone was there. It was nearly dark, but still some daylight. We all buried each other in the sand one after the other. Once the person being buried was completely buried, he/she/or it (in my case. ;)) would break through and try to tag one of the other two. Whoever got tagged was next to be buried. It was great!

I almost forgot, I brought the sailboat I carved sometime earlier. It was pretty neat watching it sail. Just had to make sure you didn't get the (paper) sail wet, or it would throw the weight off and tip. O.o

You know what was cool?!? We, the family, got to go on one of those (funny-looking) paddle boats. We went around the lake. It was sure fun, but really tiring! We learned you should always keep the weight towards the front if you want to go anywhere. ;)


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