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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sniff Sniff...Ahhh....Christmas is in the air...And my new camera!

Hello everyone!  I know I'm really not posting very often, but anyway.  Christmas is in the air!  My family really doesn't do much of anything for Christmas, but I still look forward to this time of the year.  We don't do stockings, a tree, or lights.  We do, however, typically set up a small nativity that our friends made us and we still exchange gifts (we kids do "Dollar Tree Christmas shopping").  Guess what?!  Never mind, don't guess.  I'll tell you.  My dad, out of the blue, decided that today he would take me to get a digital camera!  AND--I got one!  It is very similar to my sister's, just a little smaller, shinier, etc.  Also, it has that zoom thing on the button used to take pictures rather than buttons for the zoom.  Haha...I know that's confusing.  :)

So it's a Nikon COOLPIX (I don't know what info I'm supposed to give you, so I'm reading off the box :) S3000.  It's 12.0 megapixels, 2.7 LCD, 4x wide camera.  You camera type people might understand all that.  :)  It came with a strap, rechargeable battery, charging adapter, USB cable, audio video cable, software, quick start guide, user's manual, and warranty and registration card.  Phew...Yeah, so I'm really excited!  We got all this stuff at our local Best Buy.  It was about $110.00 which, though expensive to me, is actually quite cheap for a camera like this one.  :)

We also, however, had to get a camera case (I told Dad I could wait for my birthday, but he said he would buy me one now) and memory card.  So, after all this, it cost about $140.00--probably the most expensive gift I ever got!  Thanks Dad!!  Your the greatest!

So, hopefully I'll post some pictures of my camera (haha, that's sound funny) as soon as I'm allowed to open it.  Until next time, I remain...

Lincoln Log Fun

Hello, it's me, Jaime, again!  A couple weeks ago, I got extremely bored, sooooo....I tore out the lincoln logs!  I had actually been helping Mom rake leaves when I hit a nerve in my hand and three of my fingers decided to stop working correctly.  So, I came inside and tried to built a little neighborhood with lincoln logs.  Is that what you call them?  Lincoln logs?  I don't know.  But anyway.  Gradually, my fingers regained their feeling and stopped feeling hot and such.  So here are a few pics of what I built.  Yes, on occasion, when I'm bored, I do attempt to play with "toys", though I typically become bored within ten minutes.  ANYWAY...

This is the doctor's office...See the bloody blanket my sister made?  :)
Here is the school.  It was a little crowded, but oh well.  :)
Here is the mercantile, store, whatcha ma call it.  ;)  See the organization?!  I know, I'm weird.  ;)
The sheriff department is on the second story, and the poor people shelter is below.  Closely examine the roof.... ;)
Here is a random house that I like.  It has a cool little gate around the front yard, and is right beside the mercantile. 
And here...is the poor indian's jail cell.  :(  I know, it seems racist.  I am actually not AT ALL racist.  I believe all people, no matter color or race, are equal in the sight of God.  Moving on...
This is the lumberman's house on the "hill" (more of a cliff).  He lives here with his dog, who stays in the "lean to".  :)
Here is most of the town, so you can see the layout.  
And the another part.
And the doctor's office was built kind of parallel to the braces on my end table.  On the far left is the school and house...  :) (:

Ha...Anyway, I know this was random, a little boring, etc.  But, yeah...I just felt like posting.  Unfortunately, my sister deleted at least five of my pictures of different things I made.  :(  Booohooo... *wipes a tear*.  Well, that's why I'm getting a camera for Christmas (hopefully).  Until next time,


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today's "To Do" List

So, today, I set my alarm for 9:00 a.m.  Then, when I (Jaime) heard the alarm go off, I turned it off and, as usual, fell back asleep for about an hour.  So started my day.  Then, I did my Saturday "Room Cleaning" job which took about two hours as I was being more thorough than usual, dusting my baseboards, fan, the trim on my door and closet, as well as my bookshelf, dresser, and end table.  Then, I vacuumed everything, shifting the smaller furniture in my room back, and forth, and back again.  Anyway, enough with that...

Then, me, Mom, and Will went to Dollar Tree to do our "Dollar Tree Christmas Shopping".  Every year for the past few years, we kids (me, Will, and Courtney) have bought presents for everyone in our family (dog(s) included).  It's a cheap way for us to have the joy of seeing their happy expressions upon opening presents!  Our parents, of course, buy us a few things (depending on prices).  We don't have a Christmas tree, and do very little for Christmas anyway, so the gifts are typically on a shelf, mantle, etc.  Courtney wasn't feeling at all well today, so Dad will have to take her another day to do her shopping.  I've already wrapped a few of my gifts for the fam, which I always do.  :)  I always get so excited, I can't possibly wait!

Well, I have to help Mom figure something out for dinner, and I'm hoping to cut out the pieces for a gored (panelled) Christmas skirt I've wanted to make for a while now.  Hopefully a picture post will be coming soon (as soon as I get things in order).  Feel free to go to my other blog.  The link is in the previous post.  Until next time, I remain,


Friday, December 17, 2010

Update For the Last Few Months

Hello!!  Nobody probably reads this blog anymore...Sorry for not posting except every few months!  I'm awful, I know.  I didn't mean to lie by saying I'd post "Jewelry Making Part 2" soon, I really meant to, but then everything in my life went topsy turvy...

First off, my sister is wanting to get married in a year and four months (approximately), so my mom is trying to prepare her for that responsibility...

Then, my family, no longer going to "church", has joined a home church/organic church type of group, and it has kept us really busy.  Some of the people can get irritating sometimes, but that's anywhere.

Next is what has probably affected me most...Alexis Wassenberg.  She is the very best friend in the entire world, and I love her SO MUCH.  We only live about 30 minutes away from each other (she is in the country, but I am in the suburbs), yet for some reason, we only saw each other about three times this year (all within the last few months).  It makes me so sad, and I miss her so much... God's ways are higher than ours, though, so I guess He knows what He's doing.  :)

Fourth, my Aunt Beque has discovered that my twelve year old cousin, Rebekah, has epilepsy.  She, therefore, has seizures.  Aunt Beque is rather upset, needless to say.  I ask you to please, PLEASE pray fervently that God would either heal Rebekah, or at least use this to draw her and her mother closer to Him.  

Next, growing up is hard!  Yeesh...I always said "I can't wait till I'm older and can do..."...But now...Well, it's rather difficult that my sister and brother are changing so much.  Me and my brother used to do EVERYTHING together, and I mean everything!  Now, our interests have changed, and as he grows into a young man, I grow into a young woman.  Same with my sister.  She's growing up, and spends most of her time conversing with her hope-to-be future husband...Ah well, 'tis the price of growing up.  :)  HE knows what's best.  :) (:

Now that you know what's going on, this is what I did today:

  1. Got up, washed face, ate breakfast, all that good stuff...
  2. After lazing around for a little while, I made pizza for lunch...
  3. While eating lunch, I looked at some older posts at my favorite blog, Solid Rock Ranch Updates.
  4. Then I took pictures for a blog post I hope to do on my other blog--A Princess In Purity.
  5. Then I did a little school after a late start...
  6. After that, I probably lazed around more, it being a rather nasty day, and me being quite tired.
  7. After that I did the Friday chore, cleaning the bathroom...Not the funnest job in the world, though I do enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes over me when I finish.  :)
  8. After that, me, my brother, and my mom went to pick up Chinese for dinner while our dad entertained our friend, Philip.  
  9. After that, obviously, came dinner...
  10. Then cleanup...
  11. And then I made Chocolate chip cookies for the family!  They were tasty, and Philip enjoyed them.  :)
  12. While eating cookies, we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Phil fell asleep several times during the movie.  :)
  13. Toward the end of the movie, I got tired myself, and decided to come into my bedroom and write up this post.  :)  After this, I will probably read my Bible, possibly read a book for a few minutes (doubtable), then go to bed.  
So ends my day.  I know this isn't all that interesting, there being no pictures and all.  My dad agreed to get me a digital camera for my Birthday, so then I won't have to borrow my sister's, take pictures, find her cord to hook it to the probably "in use" computer, upload her pictures and mine, sort through all the pics, and then do a post.  I will have my OWN camera, so I can always know where everything is, and have only MY pictures (typically) to upload.  Ah, the peacefulness of the idea.  :)  Until next time,


Friday, July 16, 2010


Just so you all know, I will be posting a jewelry making part 2 as soon as I get pictures.  It will probably be about making necklaces with barrel clasps.  I am also hoping to post a few of my favorite favorite hairstyles.  I might do videos for the hairstyles, but I might not.  It all depends.....


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Random Things Post

Hey Everyone!!!!!  It's Jaime, I know I haven't posted in FOREVER!  

The first random thing is quilts.  I just finished a baby quilt, and it's so cute!!!  It's my first quilt and really simple, but still cute.  Its theme is cute cartoon frogs.  Me and Mom went to the store a while ago and found three froggy themed materials and one plain green.  Court just finished cutting out squares for a quilt and she just a few minutes ago started sewing.

The second random thing is Mikey.  He came back for a visit!  He's grown soooo much.  He's taller, can talk more (though he's forgotten a few animal sounds), and has really long hair.  When we watched him a little while ago, we actually put a barrette in his hair to hold his bangs back.  Shhhh...don't tell his dad.  :)

The third random thing is August.  This August we kids are going to go to our grandparents house in North Carolina.  We are probably going to stay there about a week.  And their neighbor has offered to let us swim in her underground pool.  I can hardly wait to go there!!!!!

The fourth random thing is just a couple hairstyle blogs that I like.  The first is cutegirlshairstyles.com.  I really love this blog.  It has some really cute hairstyle ideas.  The other is princesshairstyles.com.  I really like this one too.  They both have really cute hairstyles.

And, last but definitely not least, my fifth random thing.  Aunt Becky and our cousins are moving back to Virginia!!!  I'm so excited!!!  They had moved to Delaware, but they found it wasn't a very nice place.  Their were alot of child molesters around their and they didn't feel safe.  They're moving back into a giant house.  I think it has about 7 bedrooms and is two story with a basement.  So yeah.  But I'm so excited!!

Well, that's it for my five random things post.  Hope you liked it!


P.S.  If you read this, I miss you Lexi!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Contacts For Courtney

Guess what?!  Forget about guessing; I'll just tell you.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor.  I haven't been in about 5 years, so...  Yeah, it's been a while.

They ran through all the tests and told me that my eyes had hardly changed at all.  They also said that my eyes would be perfect for contacts.

 The man who examined my eyes had actually offered me tinted contacts in the case that I wanted to change my eye color, and although I really like blue eyes, I figured getting those kind of contacts would be like trying to be something I'm not.

Not to mention, God made me who I am, and I wouldn't want to change that.  And so, I went with the clear contacts.  =)

Once the man had finished checking my eyes, he sent me to this lady who showed me how to put my contacts in.  I thought it'd be kind of hard to get them in, but it was a snap!  =D

The lady was all like, "I love you...  You're so easy.  Some people take hours...."

Once I got my contacts in, the lady told me all about how to take care of them and gave me a bag with some starter supplies.

I also picked out new glasses while we were in there.  They're different than the ones I have right now, but they aren't bad.

Took me a while to pick 'em out though.  The lady kept giving me all these different pairs of glasses, most of which looked really WEIRD on me.  O.o

I'm pretty happy with the ones I picked out though...  And I'm ESPECIALLY happy about the contacts.  I've been waiting YEARS for these things!!

I can hardly even feel they're there.  It's almost like I can just automatically see.  =)

Well, I guess that's it for now.  Later!


Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Almost Done School!!!!!

I'm almost done all my school for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I finished Science, I finished Language Tuesday, I'll be done History next week, and I'll finish Spelling and Math in two weeks!!!!!!!  I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Then I can finally pay more attention to crafts and making things for my hope chest.  (I got a hope chest for my Birthday.)


P.S. Sadly, we probably won't be having a garden this year because our garden spot has a disease and is killing all the plants we planted.  But, Dad says we might be able to do a few of those upside down, hanging plants on the front of our house.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jewelry Making Part 1 Earrings

Hey everyone!! I thought I'd just do a post on how to make jewelry.  It's really pretty and fun to make.  This post will be about making earrings. 

Here's a picture of some earrings I have made.

Items Needed

I apologize that I don't know what these are called, 
but I will call them pins.  You can get the kind
with the loop at the end (left) or the kind with the
flat edge at the end (right).  I think the latter are better.
Earring hooks.  You can get these at craft stores.  
These came from Ben Franklin Craft Store.
These hook well onto the pins (the looped ones)
in the top items-needed picture.
Pliers and wire cutters.  Some people like to have 
another set of pliers, but I find one pair sufficient.

You will also need small-holed glass beads of your choice.

 To start, string your beads onto your pin.  Make 
sure to leave at least 3/4 inch of the pin showing....
Then, using your pliers, pinch the pin right above
the beads and bend the pin away from 
yourself at a right angle over the pliers.
Then, shift your pliers upward onto the other edge of the pin.
Then, curl your pin back towards yourself around the pliers......
Like so...............
Then, bend the long piece of the pin around underneath the pliers, above the bead(s).
Like so..............Then just clip off the last
little bit of the pin that you couldn't wrap.
Then bend the loop on your earring hook to the side.......

Slip the other part of your earring in, bend back the loop, and there you have it.

 Again, these are very pretty and fun to make.  If you're first getting started making jewelry, it may be a leeetle bit expensive.  Not too bad, just a little............Well, hope you like 'em!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The New Kitchen Floor and the Visit

In the middle of our chicken coup project, Mom and Dad decided that they would like to put new tile in our kitchen.  So for a few hours on Friday, we ripped off the old tile stuff.  Mainly me (Jaime) and Will, because Court had gone with Mom and Dad to the store.  Well, after me and Will had done most of the floor, I called Dad and told him jokingly to bring home icecream.  He just laughed and said that was funny.  

Well, Mom, Dad, and Court got home and they seemed surprised at how much we had done.  Then Dad said, "Jaime, we got something for you," and pulled out two tubs of icecream!  I gave him a huge bear hug and then Mom and Dad did the rest of the floor while me and Will sat on the counter eating icecream (the table had been taken apart and moved to the other room).  It felt kinda nice watching someone else work.  Plus, Will had driven a paint scraper into my finger and my hands were scratched up from the pieces of tile.

Then, on Saturday, our cousins came over, which was a COMPLETE surprise because they live in Delaware.  And we kids played the whole day--Rodney, Tyler, Will, and Court played with airsoft guns, me and Rebekah played baseball, and Trevor switched back and forth, mostly playing basketball with himself.  Taylor wasn't there--she had gone to play with some friends.  We kids also went for a bike ride, but some people had to ride on the pegs because we only had five bikes, and we had seven people.  And then on the way back I tried to get off the pegs and fell because my shoe lace was stuck.  But the bike was practically stopped, so it wasn't too bad.  Then, Aunt Beque and our cousins were waiting for friends to pick them up for a few hours.  Then, it was already 6:30, so we didn't get much done.  Mom and Dad managed to put this blue primer on the floor.  Then Annie tried to walk into the kitchen and Mom freaked, saying "I don't want blues clues all over the living room."  Mom and Dad also put concrete leveling stuff on the floor, but that's all.

And today, I woke up at about 8:30 or 9:00am to the sound of talking and pounding in the kitchen.  After a few minutes, Mom and Dad pop into the room and say "wake up, we got breakfast".  Then Dad starts waving a sausage egg mcmuffin in front of me--only it had no egg, because with the egg the sandwich cost $2.80 and without the egg it cost $1.00.  Breakfast was grand.  It was a nice change from having cereal for breakfast Friday, cereal for breakfast Saturday, no lunch, and cereal for dinner Saturday.

But then it took forever just to get one corner of the kitchen  tiled.  And then the tile cutter kept breaking the tiles rather than cutting them.  Then, the drills we were using to mix the mortar all died.  Then, we had to grind down several parts of the kitchen floor because it was uneven.  Then, the mortar dried!  So we had to throw away a ton of mortar and a bucket because the mortar was stuck to the bucket!  And when I say stuck, I mean stuck.  With all my strength, I couldn't pull the mixer out of it.

And now, we're going back to it.  Sorry I don't have any pictures, but Mom and Dad probably wouldn't want me to take any.  The job, with all the bad stuff listed above, was pretty unnerving.  =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Camp Ad

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew about any good summer camps that a 12 year old, 16 year old, and a 17 year old could all go to.  I want a Christian camp that is CHEAP.  I looked up Christian summer camps and almost all of them were 300 to 1000 dollars at LEAST.  The cheapest one I found was 125 to 300 dollars a week.  I would like a camp that costs about--I dunno--50-75 a week because there are three of us kids.  PLEASE leave a comment if you know of any.  I REALLY want to go to summer camp this year.  Court and Will have done it but I couldn't.  At the time I was too little.  So, once again, PLEASE comment if you have any suggestions.  Thanks


Friday, April 16, 2010

Shuffle Board Slide

I went to the community center around the block today with Jaime. It was pretty...righteous!! (Almost said "awesome"... =P) We found some little bottles and filled them up with water which we dumped all over the shuffle board. Then we went sliding across it!! XD

We made it out alive with only a few minor injuries.  I think we both fell about 3 times each.  The first time I slipped was the worst...  Slammed my hip right on the soaking wet shuffle board. DX

But it was cool.  First I slipped and hit my right hip, then my left hip and shoulder, then...I fell flat on my bottom.  Still, I think I made the "BEST SLIDE EVER"!!!  And I beat Jaime. =D

Oh yeah!  And I thought it was pretty funny at the water fountain.  I got this random idea to spit my water all over Jaime just because she wouldn't be ready for it....  It was quite a surprise, I think!!  XD

She ended up getting me back later though.  =P 


Friday, March 26, 2010

Michael, Michael, Motorcycle

Mikey is leaving soon.  He stayed with us about seven months.  Now he's leaving.  He'll be leaving on Sunday, March 28th, in the afternoon, just before his 2nd birthday.  He's going to Texas to live with his--grandma?  Yeah.......sad.......

Our Aunt Caren  offered Mikey's dad a home, cooked meals, partially payed-for child care, and more.  Sooooooooo, he couldn't say no. 

But, of course, I think the saddest part is, Mikey'll remember little to nothing about Jai Jai (Jaime), Weel (Will), Corny (Courtney), An Mizzy (Aunt Missy) sometimes called Annie for short, Utta Beel (Uncle Bill), Annie, and Leetle 'un (Little One, our bird).  Oh well, I guess I'll get over it.

I hope everyone remembers to practice Mikey's animals and sounds and things.  Mikey learned the sounds of ducks, dogs, cats, snakes, birds, chickens, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, donkeys, and lions.  He can recognize elephants, giraffes, sharks, octopuses, fish, turtles, crabs, dolphins, seals, whales, and starfish.  When Mom sweeps, he says "Dirty, dirty, dirty", and when he brings us Bibles, or cleans up toys, he says "helpin'".  He knows head, nose, teef (teeth), eeurs (ears), hair, hand, foot, toe, sock, shoes, and pants.

Well, I can't tell you of everything, so I'll stop there.  


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup (Pictures)

Hey y'all!  Here are the photos from my last post, "Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup".  Enjoy!

 In the back of the car.

Vroom vrooom!!

JJ on the see-saw.  =)

Mikey, honk if you're about to run over someone!!  Sheesh!  Could have warned me, ya know...

Mikey going down his first real slide.  At least, the other ones he went down were kind of little...


I think he looks cute here.  =P

Boo!  =O

So, Mikey, wha's for dinner??  =9

Having a blast on the swings.  =D


Ducks!!  Quack quack!!

Look at the ducks, Mikey!  (He was probably thinking, "Why do I have to hold their hands..?")


Friday, March 19, 2010

Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup

Hey, you guys!!  =D

Guess what we did today.  Yep, we went to Dorey Park.  Mostly for the Mikey man.  Got me some photos too, but I still need to upload them to the computer as of yet.  Well, I DID just get home, so you can't give me too much grief.  =P

After we went to the park, we decided to head out to Mickie D's and meet Dad up for some dinner.  I think it's so cute when Mikey says "chicken noogets" and "fwench fwies".

On the way to Mickie D's, we discovered that Mom had some Swedish Fish in the car (which she had forgotten about, go figure).  

It was pretty funny.  I was counting up the candy out loud.  We got 10 per person.  So I was like "1, 2....7, 8, 9...", then all of a sudden Mikey goes "10!!".  Haha!

Pretty soon, we arrived at the restaurant.  Restaurant...ha!  Sounds funny saying that about MacDonalds.  But maybe it shouldn't...?  I don't know...

At any hoot, we ordered our food.  I got me some chicken "noogets".  And...of course I managed to embarrass myself by accidentally dipping 3 of my fingers in ketchup while reaching for my nuggets.

Yeah, I was kind of like...what is thisss???  I couldn't really see the ketchup so...my fingers just kind of dove into it.  O.o

Later, after I had manage to wipe every last blob of ketchup off my fingers and out of my nails (GROSS!), I made my french fries walk around to entertain Mikey.  Then, of course, I got scolded for teaching Mikey to play with his food.  Lol.  =P

It was kind of funny when Mikey put his french fry on the table and called it a "snake!  Sssss..!".  

When dinner was finished, the parents of pure awesomeness decided to get us some fudge sundaes.  Dad didn't want his nuts so I gladly took them off his hands....well, they were actually out of the bag, but I think you know what I mean.

Then I kind of thought it might be a bit boring for Mikey to just sit there and eat "Aun' Missy's" ice cream, so I gave him some of the lids to play with.  

He stacked 'em on top each other...and then started shooting them everywhere!!  And umm...Mom's ice cream was thrown into her lap.  Luckily though, it didn't spill out, so there was no mess.

Besides all that...we did the "What do the Illithids do?"  That's a little something I made up.  I got it from a fantasy book.  

The Illithids, also known as Mind Flayers, are magical creatures with octopus heads.  It's kind of disgusting what they do.  You can probably guess anyways, so I won't say.

Any hoot, what I do is put my hands in front of my face, wiggle my fingers while making a sound by wiggling my tongue, and put my hands around his head and vibrate them a little.  He loves it!  =D

Well, guess that's about it.  Should be uploading some Dorey Park pictures one of these'm days.  Over and out!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pizza Breadsticks Recipe

Hi everyone!!!  I just thought that I would post a recipe (if you want to call it that) for how to make Pizza Breadsticks.  They're really tasty and pretty easy to make.  Here you go......

Pizza Breadsticks


2 packs Great Value pizza crust
1 cup hot water
mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese
pizza sauce (for dipping)
garlic salt


Stir both packs pizza crust with the hot water in a medium bowl, and then cover bowl with towel.  Put covered bowl in unheated oven, to keep air from hitting it, for 5-10 minutes.  Heat oven to 400 degrees.

Spread dough in oiled pan in a rectangular shape, and then cut it into fourths, and cut each fourth into fourths longways, creating 16 strips.  Spread thin layer of oil on top of dough, then sprinkle with garlic salt.  Cover dough with mozzarella and parmesan cheese (not too much parmesan), then sprinkle with oregano.  Place breadsticks on bottom shelf in oven for approx 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted.  Heat pizza sauce and serve with breadsticks for dipping.  Serves 4.  Enjoy!


Friday, March 5, 2010

The Ocean Box

I just thought, since Court and I haven't posted much lately, that I'd do a post about my ocean box.  The ocean box is a project I do for science.  After reading the chapter (which takes about five days), I do a notebook activity and then my ocean box.  The ocean box is just a plain cardboard box painted blue, and once every two weeks I make a couple clay sea creatures (the ones I had just learned about) and add them to the box.

It's a good refreshment, this science book of mine, from the average science book.  The book has some neat activities and the author isn't afraid to make a joke every now and then.  And for about the first time in my life, I love doing science!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my almost completed ocean box.  I only have a few more chapters in science, and therefore, only a few more animals to make.

 Here is the inside of the ocean box.
This picture shows the animals on the surface, and the way
the blue whale is partially above water and partially below.
Here is the turtle, octopus (one of my favorites), clam,
crab, stingray, and Courtney's sea monster thing.
Here is Dory from Finding Nemo, made by Courtney.  
(I had to hold dory still because she kept spinning!)
 This is my squid, one of my favorites.  
I recently discovered they have ten arms.

Here is my seal, also a favorite.  As you can see,
he got a little dusty from sitting on top of the box.
And, a close up of Courtney's sea monster.  It 
terrifies Mikey, as hard as we try to make it 
harmless looking--so we keep it away from Mikey.

And, those are some pictures of the ocean box.  Hope you liked them!  Oh, and, by the way, I would recommend my science book to anyone in grades 1-6.  It's called Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  It's a Christian book and has older and younger student activities.  Hope ya like it!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Aviation Museum

Okay, I know I haven't posted in like forever!  But I've been kind of busy on my other blog (ayoungauthorsblog.blogspot.com).  Anyway, on with the post......

Today we (Me, Courtney, Will, Mom, and Mikey) went to the aviation museum.  It took a while to find the way in because you have to go on like three different roads going back and forth just to get there.......look below the get what I mean....the square thing is the building and the lines are the roads......

I      I

That probably didn't help, but it's kind of hard to illustrate on the computer with only the keyboard to draw with.  Well there were three roads in the front and the way in was at the very end of one.  On with the story.....

Well, we got in and Mikey got to get in a real airplane........guess what?  HE DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!!  He was very excited at first, screaming "airpane!".   But, when his foot got stuck in a little wire in the airplane, he cried.  So we got him out and let him play in the toy area.  I sat with him a little while, drew a dumb-looking plane, and wrote a dinky poem.

After looking around with Will, he and I found a game where you control the plane on the screen in front of you.  It had weird controls and Will got a little mad at me when I accidentally changed the view and he couldn't get it back. 

Me, Will, and Court got to ride in something called a......stimulator?  Something like that.  Well, two people get inside and BUCKLE IN.  Make sure you do the latter.  Well, there's a screen in front of you with helicopters and airplanes on it, all made for war.  The pilot steers the "plane" your in and the copilot shoots.  When the pilot steers, the very thing your sitting in reacts however you turn it.  I was so surprised the first time I kept squealing, and Courtney, as pilot, flipped the thing completely upside down!  Will kept telling me to shoot, and I kept telling him to find someone for me to shoot.  Over all, it was awesome!

To end our time there, we did some of the little experiment game things.......you know..........air blowing out sucks a ball in............one wing lifts more that the other...............stuff like that......... Then Mom bought Mikey a little $6.00 airplane toy.  (He's really in to airplanes, even as a...23 month old? I think so.)


ps. when i looked at this the format was ruined so the illustration doesn't work at all.  pay no mind to it.  i have to go, so i'll delete it later. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Do NOT Enter

You dare to tread on The Robinson Family Happenings blog??? That's it!


Just for fun...


Highway Driving

I got to drive on the highway for the first time a few days ago. It was pretty sweet! Buuut...at the same time kind of freaky!! Especially since you have to go like...SIXTY...FIVE...MILES...AN HOUR.... =O

Dad said I did pretty well. Even getting on and off the ramps and changing lanes, I did pretty well.

There was only one point that I almost crashed into a mail box coming home... But that wasn't on the highway!!


Oh yeah, and I forgot to say! I got my learner's permit card in the mail!! AND...I LOOK...HORRIBLE!!! My face looks kind of fat for some strange reason... =/

And my signature is TERRIBLE! My scribbley "Y" isn't the only thing that's wrong.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Other Night...IT HAPPENED

I was attacked and badly abused by my little second cousin the other night, and here's the proof!! =O

Sorry for the bad graphics by the way...webcam....


Let's Go POGO!!!

Here's a video of when I first got my pogostick (which was last month). Hope you like it.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving... O.O

Dad took me driving today. We (Dad, Will, Jaime, and Me) went down to my old elementary school (Highland Springs Elementary), so I could practice.

Dad even let me drive part of the way home. I kind of turned too far when turning onto Washington and crossed the double line....which then made me turn way too far the other way and roll over a pile of snow.

But overall, I think I did pretty well for my second time. Didn't run into anything at least...

Dad says I drive too fast on the turns. I also tend to forget to look in the mirrors... And how can I pay attention to the speed and the road and the mirrors and Dad's instructions all at the SAME time??!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Driver's Test For Learner's Permit

Hey guys. Well, Mom and I went on down to DMV today, so's I could take the driver's test for my learner's permit. First time going and I was shaking like a leaf when we first got in there, I was SO nervous. Of course, that was probably mostly due to the cold. We got a tid bit of snow last night, so it was kind of cold.

Well, we got into the place and went to the information desk like the sign said. Then I told the guy why I was there, and he gave me a chart to fill out as well as a number thingy that they would use to call me up. It was something like F708... Yeah, the dude at the counter seemed a little skeptical about mine and Mom's ages at first. Lol.

After gathering all the stuff, we went to sit down. Well, I filled out everything in my horrible handwriting... Then we just sat there for awhile... After what seemed like forever (and I was about to jump out of my skin!!), they finally called me up. "F708 to counter 12!" Well, I went on up there, and the lady there tested my eyes. Passed that. Then she snapped my picture. Told me to look at a red square of duct tape for that...

I also had to sign my name on this little computer-like thing-a-ma-bobby that had a certain kind of pen... Yeah, I think you understand. I KINDA...messed...up... My "y" looked like a bunch of scribbles. But whatever...

When that was all done the lady ran through the instructions for the test...blah...blah..blah... I already pretty much knew what I'd have to do for that. It was this touch screen computer. There were 10 questions for the traffic signs (which you HAVE to get ALL right otherwise you FAIL), and then there were 25 questions for general knowledge (you can get up to 6 wrong for that).

Well, I went up to the computer (#4 to the right). They had this phone attached to the side so you could hear what was being said on the screen, but I figured since I could read, I didn't need it. Well, I aced the test for the traffic signs.

Then I came to part 2: General Knowledge. Wasn't too sure about the 1st (or maybe it was the second), so I skipped it (they said you could come back to it later). Went through all the questions and....PASSED!!!

I got about 3 or 4 wrong, 2 of which had to do with drugs and alcohol... Guess I wasn't too sure how much a...whatever they called it...measured in ounces....and then something about what happens if you mix drugs and alcohol... Yeah, well, I'm not too concerned about that.

I never got to come back to that skipped question, but my theory is that that was because even if I failed it, I STILL wouldn't have failed the test. So I guess they didn't think it mattered.

So yeah...got my permit. They should be sending the I.D. card or whatever it is in the mail, along with some paper saying I can drive. I think it's pretty cool that I passed first time. I'm so RELIEVED. Can't wait to see how dumb I look in that picture they took of me! And my scribblely "y"!!