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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Almost Done School!!!!!

I'm almost done all my school for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I finished Science, I finished Language Tuesday, I'll be done History next week, and I'll finish Spelling and Math in two weeks!!!!!!!  I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Then I can finally pay more attention to crafts and making things for my hope chest.  (I got a hope chest for my Birthday.)


P.S. Sadly, we probably won't be having a garden this year because our garden spot has a disease and is killing all the plants we planted.  But, Dad says we might be able to do a few of those upside down, hanging plants on the front of our house.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jewelry Making Part 1 Earrings

Hey everyone!! I thought I'd just do a post on how to make jewelry.  It's really pretty and fun to make.  This post will be about making earrings. 

Here's a picture of some earrings I have made.

Items Needed

I apologize that I don't know what these are called, 
but I will call them pins.  You can get the kind
with the loop at the end (left) or the kind with the
flat edge at the end (right).  I think the latter are better.
Earring hooks.  You can get these at craft stores.  
These came from Ben Franklin Craft Store.
These hook well onto the pins (the looped ones)
in the top items-needed picture.
Pliers and wire cutters.  Some people like to have 
another set of pliers, but I find one pair sufficient.

You will also need small-holed glass beads of your choice.

 To start, string your beads onto your pin.  Make 
sure to leave at least 3/4 inch of the pin showing....
Then, using your pliers, pinch the pin right above
the beads and bend the pin away from 
yourself at a right angle over the pliers.
Then, shift your pliers upward onto the other edge of the pin.
Then, curl your pin back towards yourself around the pliers......
Like so...............
Then, bend the long piece of the pin around underneath the pliers, above the bead(s).
Like so..............Then just clip off the last
little bit of the pin that you couldn't wrap.
Then bend the loop on your earring hook to the side.......

Slip the other part of your earring in, bend back the loop, and there you have it.

 Again, these are very pretty and fun to make.  If you're first getting started making jewelry, it may be a leeetle bit expensive.  Not too bad, just a little............Well, hope you like 'em!