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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Tree

We just planted a new tree right next
to the stump of the one we just cut down. What kind of tree is it? Answer: I am not really sure. =B

I THINK it's a Yellow Tulip Poplar 'r some'm like that. Not sure.

It's really short though. Not even tall as me.
I was expecting something at least 20 feet tall. Haha just kidding!

Ok, I know you're bored to death
reading this, as am I in
writing about it, but, fact is, there's
not much else to write about.

Btw: Did you like the tree picture I made out of the sentences? =D


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tree Choppin'

Yesterday was tree choppin' day........We cut down our crab apple tree. It started with the snow storm breaking a big piece off the tree. I began breaking the piece into smaller pieces and then we decided it would be a good time to cut down our dead crab apple tree. Dad had a sawzall (electric saw) and used a ladder to get to the tree limbs and started hacking down pieces that the rest of us cut into smaller pieces and dumped in the ditch in our backyard. It took a long time to do. I got kinda scared that Dad would fall off his extended ladder---but, luckily, he didn't. Mom said she thought he felt very manly at the top of a tree cutting the limbs.

We stopped after a while and Dad said to Mom, "We gotta get these hardworking kids some sandwiches." So Dad, Mom, and Me (Jaime) headed for Mcdonalds. We ordered some food then Dad found out that he didn't have his wallet!!! I ran outside to Mom ( she hadn't come in) and asked if she had her credit card. "No," she answered. "WHAT!" I exclaimed. I told Dad, so we started back home. On arriving home, I ran inside, grabbed his wallet, ran back out, and we were off again. At Mcdonalds, we ordered and waited for what seemed like hours! Finally we got our food and headed home again. I enjoyed every bite of my Mcchicken sandwich (I LOVE Mcchicken sandwiches). Altogether, I had 1 and 3/4 sandwiches plus fries. It was great!!!

Then we went outside to finish the job. All went well until we got to the bottom trunk. It was too thick for the sawzall. Dad and Mom both tried to cut it down but it wouldn't go down. Me and Will even tried using the hatchet on the tree. It just would not fall down!!!!! We kids were ready to ask around the neighborhood for a chainsaw when someone pulled up and asked, "Ya want some help?" He then went to the back of his pickup truck and pulled out a chainsaw! He said he had been cutting down someone else's tree when he saw us. He cut down the stump for us and it looks good too. Then he cut the large pieces into smaller pieces and we wheelbarrowed them to the ditch as well. We offered him money but he didn't take it. Dad said that if he ever had any problem with airconditioning (Dad works with heating and air) to give him a call. The guy left and we all headed inside to relax after our hard day's work.

-Jaime Robinson-

Friday, March 6, 2009


We went sledding down this awesome hill around the block yesterday and the day before. It was sooo fun! The first time especially 'cause we could go faster and farther. Boy, was it fun! And it was really great because it's within walking distance from our house, and there was like nobody there except for some kids who live in the house across from the hill.

They came out to try to sled with some bucket lids and trashcan tops and stuff lol. It didn't work too well, so we just shared our 3 sleds with them. I had to give 1 of the kids, a boy around 7 or 8, my extra pair of gloves 'cause he didn't bring any. Then later when he went in, this girl who was somewhere around 10 or 11 wanted them. It was a good this I brought an extra pair!

For part of the time Will used an old skateboard with no wheels and shoes attached to try to snowboard down the hill. He did pretty good too!

We had alot of fun! Here, I'll post some pictures below. Ugh! Sorry, but the photos might take a while....there are 886 uploading so could be a half and hour or so...oh well, I'll post 'em when they're uploaded and all.

Okay got the pics. Here they are!

Courtney (ME) sledding down the hill.

Will sledding...

Wha' do you know, it's Jaime!

Will using his shoe-attached skateboard snowboard thing to snowboard. (phew)

B-I-G hill. =D

Haha there's one of dad sledding!

From the bottom of the hill.

I've got more pics on Facebook, but these are the good ones. ....And I don't feel like uploading anymore to Blogger... Heheh. 8)



Hey, guys! I just wanted to let you know that Mom, Dad, and I have Facebook accounts now, so if any of you do Facebook be sure to add us or at least let us know you're on there. It's really cool! At least, I think so. =)


Monday, March 2, 2009

It Snowed!!!!

We finally got a good snow down here! 9 inches! It's awesome. We actually just came in at around 12:00 or 12:30. It was awesome out there. I think it's still snowing a little bit.

We had a blast! We threw snowballs. (At one point, we kids ganged up on Dad.) Jaime tackled me after I threw a snowball her way.

We also went sledding down this hill into the ditch in our back yard. there's this big pile of leaves and all at the bottom so... Yeah, it was awesome. Will tried to snowboard down the hill. He actually made it down a few times. I didn't do so well. I kept leaning back too far and falling backwards. The sledding was fun, though, except that there was this big, old hunk of wood out there that kept making me fly up in the air every time I went down. Lol.

Hopefully the snow on our road'll get a little more packed in so that we can sled down there too. The snow's a little too powdery right now.

One of these'm days I'll get the pictures on here, but I just don't feel up to it right at the moment. =D

Ok I am now up to posting the pics. (March 21st) Here they are.

In the beginning, it began to snow, and the kids saw that the snow was good....

...And they made snowballs...

....To throw at each other...

...And the dog came out and saw that the snow was ~~ C-O-L-D ~~

...It continued to snow all through the night....

....Until the ground was entirely covered in snow the next day....

...And the kids had a blast playing in it for the short time it lasted...

~~~THE END~~~