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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Birds

Today, we found something very cool. Well, let me start from the beginning.

A few days ago my mom told me that there was a bird nest in the small tree right beside our shed. When I looked into it, I saw eggs! There were about four of them in all. I know it's normal for nests to have eggs in them, but, fact is, it was still kind of surprising to me. I just had never really seen a nest up close like that. Or seen eggs in a nest (not counting our lovebirds' nest).

Then today, as I was talking to Will, my mom came to me and Will and said she had heard little quiet peeps coming from the nest beside the shed in our back yard. I got something to stand on and looked inside the nest. I saw nothing at first. All I saw was movement. Then I saw a little tiny beak reach up! It was so cute! It's mouth was open and it was peeping and probably calling for its mother. I got Courtney with her camera and she took some pictures.

Aren't they cute?


This is my favorite pic because the one's
mouth is open so wide.

Well, that's all the pictures. I think I'll stop now. Hope you liked the pictures!

-Jaime Robinson-

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapter 2: Fierce Anger

Before I post the chapter, I have to say I'm soooo happy I got that problem worked out! Ok here it is. Let me know if you see anything wrong with it.

Chapter 2: Fierce Anger

For a few minutes the man just lay there stunned.

Meanwhile, Teinas was busy stopping the others from attacking their leader, Eivarlost. With outstretched arms he ran in, "Sheathe your weapons men for I am Teinas and this," he gestured to Eivarlost, "your captain. We only rush in like this, because we are angered at the way you are conducting yourselves: partying with dancing and drinking! Even killing each other," he kicked over the corpse by his feet. A dagger protruded from the dead man's heart.

"And even speaking of women in times of war," shouted Eivarlost, venting his rage on the man at his feet by kicking his steel-toed boot at his side. Ribs cracked, and the man screamed in pain, spluttering blood from his mouth as he did so.

"You, Ramein, I thought I could count on you," Eivarlost continued, "You're just like the rest of these brutes! No discipline," and with that he booted Ramein again but lighter this time.

Slipping out a dagger, Eivarlost bent himself down next to Ramein, "I ought to gut you right here and now, man, but I'll be merciful," after a pause, "this time."

Meanwhile, Teinas was explaining to the others, half of which were drunk and not completely understanding, that although they may be able to "act this way back in our homeland, Nersins Realm, we must never do it when engaged in war." One of the men pointed out that it was hardly war when they were just pillaging villages and killing those inside. His comment, however, went unnoticed.

"Aye, Teinas, that is exactly right," Eivarlost glanced over the men, "I thought I could expect more from you. As it is, you have weakened and delayed us from completing our mission."

"Eivarlost," Teinas walked over to him. Eivarlost snapped his eyes on him, "More than half of the men are either drunk or out," he indicated the snoring drunks, warm rum running down their hairy chins. Eivarlost's face twisted in disgust.

"I think it'd be best," Teinas continued, "if we camped here a few days to try to 'pick up the pieces'. It'd be no easy task dragging these men along with us in this condition."

"Agreed," said Eivarlost. Then turning back to the men, he asked, "Are there any here who are not drunk?" Out of the thirty men, only five stood up.

Eivarlost pointed to Ramein, the man who had just received a good beating a few minutes earlier, "Two of you will take this dog back to Nersins Realm to heal up."

With that, Eivarlost carefully stripped Ramein of his dark cloak and handed it to the two men who had stepped up behind him, "Take this and tie it to two strong boughs. You're going to have to carry him back."

When the two young men began searching the ground and finding only thin sticks, Eivarlost rolled his eyes and added, "You might have to cut them from one of these trees here." The men, thus enlightened, went right to work, using their weapons to cut the boughs from one of the trees.

Ramein, meanwhile, was sprawled out on the ground, his mouth in a puddle of his own spit-up blood. He was in so much pain that he didn't want to even groan. He just lay there, his ribcage cracked and a continual bleeding on the inside.

Finally, the two young men had fastened the cloak to the boughs they had just chopped down and were hoisting Ramein up onto it in order to carry him away. Ramein screamed in pain.

As Eivarlost watched them disappear into the thick darkness, he began to feel sick to his stomach. What had he just done? He nearly killed a man! No, Ramein deserved worse than what he got.

"But does that excuse my actions," Eivarlost wondered aloud.

"Talking to yourself," a voice asked.

Eivarlost looked up to see Teinas, hopping over sleeping men to get to him.

"No, I-," after a pause, "How're the men?"

"Oh sure, change the subject," Teinas teased. Eivarlost let out a short laugh and punched Teinas' arm.

"No, seriously," he said.

"They're calmer now," Teinas answered, glancing back at the sleeping men. A few sat up staring into the dancing flames of the fire. The night was peaceful.


Problem Posting Chapters For My Book

Nevermind! I fixed it. Deleting some of the html code did the trick! =)

Hey, guys. I was trying to post the first 2 chapters of my book, but there seems to be a problem...something about the formatting I think....it has to do with my typing it up on this word program.

I don't want to type it up again....well, I'll figure it out...maybe. All I know is it keeps saying there's something wrong with the html when I try to paste it on Blogger. There seems to be nothing wrong on Facebook....

Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried messing with the html, so I don't know.

The first 2 chapters of my book (A Band of Rogues and Fierce Anger) are on my Facebook page just in case I can't get this working. Hopefully I'll be able to but just in case.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter 1: A Band of Rogues

Hey guys! You may have read one of my posts before about my attempting to write a book. Well, I've gotten the first two chapters written up (I'm still working on the third), so I figured I'd post 'em. Here's the first chapter. Let me know if you see any spelling mistakes or anything. And let me know what you think please! Here it is:

Chapter 1: A Band Of Rogues

Creeping stealthily through the Eisalthor Forest, the rogue and his band of thirty men, four of which were just recently recruited, drew nearer and nearer to their destination with every step.

They all wore the same dress: loose black breeches, black long sleeved shirts, dark leather gloves, black steel-toed boots, and had it not been so hot and humid that night, they would have been seen with pitch black cloaks around their shoulders, hoods pulled low. The only one who dressed in a slightly different fashion was their leader; Eivarlost was his name. The only real difference in his clothing was that he had a tinge of dark, blood red along the rims of his shirt and pants which signified his rank as captain.

Besides all of these, the warriors wore on their belts (or on their backs) their weapons of choice, some bearing long swords, short swords, scimitars, axes, maces, bows and arrows, katanas, etc. Many of them were also armed with throwing knives and daggers hidden away in their clothing, preferably their boots. Throwing stars and flick knives were not rare among these rogues.

Eivarlost carried two long swords latched onto his belt at both sides, their hilts adorned in a blend of black and dark navy blue. He had dubbed the sword on the left "Life" and the other "Death" because, when in battle, as one sword shot out to deflect an enemy's blow, the other would launch itself forward to slay that enemy.

Teinas, Eivarlost's right hand man and best friend since the age of seven, wore at his sides two razor sharp katanas, perfectly crafted with intricate designs lining the blades. The hilts were black as coal with blood red markings climbing up to the blades, which Teinas claimed was his name spelled out in some foreign language.

The two friends walked together side by side. The other warriors were only a short distance behind.

"I wonder if there are any stars out tonight," said Teinas trying to make conversation with the overly quiet Eivarlost. Eivarlost, lost in his own thoughts, did not hear. Teinas repeated himself, louder this time. Eivarlost shook himself from his thoughts.

"Perhaps," he said after a moment," but these trees are so thick with branches that you can hardly hope to catch even a glimpse of the sky."

"Shall we climb then," Teinas offered after a moment.

"And scare the men on the way down," asked Eivarlost with a wink.

Before Teinas could even answer, Eivarlost was up a tree and out of sight.

Eivarlost nimbly bounded from bough to bough, quickly ascending the tall oak tree. He finally halted at forty feet and rested himself amongst the leafy branches.

Slipping out a curved dagger from one of his worn out old boots, he proceeded in chopping off the many branches blocking his view. Streams of light began peeking through with every stroke of the blade. Eivarlost couldn't help but smile as he gazed upon the starlit sky. And the moon! It was a beautiful night. The only thing that could have made it better was if it weren't so hot and humid.

Sweat trickled down Eivarlost's dirty, unshaved face. How long had it been since he'd been out here. Three? Four years? Traveling around, raising villages to the ground. It was a difficult life and each of Eivarlost's kills weighed him down with more and more guilt. He had been told that it was for the good of his people, the people of Nersins Realm, but he still felt there was something wrong with it. Did he really have the right to take the life of another? And what did these people do that was so wrong? He had questioned his father on the matter, but had gotten no other explanation besides that the people were terrorists and continually harassed them about their lifestyle.

Eivarlost wasn't sure that was all bad, though. He was sickened by the many wicked things his people did. At least, they seemed to be wicked to him.... His father told him there was no such thing as, well, what the 'terrorists' called sin or wickedness, that the world was created from some spectacular boom and millions of years of evolving. Something told him that wasn't right, though. It didn't seem to be....possible. There had to be something more, but what? What was there? If this was all there was, then what is there really to live for? Did he have no purpose in this world at all? So many questions....

There was one thing that gave Eivarlost hope, and that was the moon and stars. Hope that even in the darkness, there is still light. But where was that light? He desperately wanted to find it. To find truth, real truth, if it was out there.

A voice from behind interrupted his contemplations. "The stars are beautiful tonight," Teinas remarked as he seated himself on a bough close to Eivarlost. Eivarlost nodded in agreement, his deep blue eyes, such a deep blue were those eyes, glowing in the moon light.

There was silence for a few minutes before Teinas broke out with, "Say, Eivarlost, you weren't, by any chance, kicking branches down at me?" Try as he might, Eivarlost could not conceal his smile.

After a few seconds of trying to remain serious, both men burst out laughing. They nearly toppled out of the tree, they were laughing so hard.

"Ah, Eivarlost," Teinas said after their laughing had died off, "Remember old times? Sneaking out at night? Scaring Emily Wraivers to death as she was passing the graveyard on her way home late after she sang at the competition?"

"Hmm, yeah, those were the good old days. Emily Wraivers....She did have a beautiful singing voice, didn't she Teinas? Oh, and her golden locks and light blue eyes were ever so gorgeous," Eivarlost teased.

"Ahh, shut your trap," retorted Teinas with a glare. Although he'd never admit it, Teinas still had a crush on Emily. "Besides," continued Teinas, "We'd best get moving if we're ever going to catch up with the band."

Eivarlost leapt up at this sudden remembrance and began a quick descent, Teinas at his heels (or more accurately, at his shoulders).

Quietly slipping down the rough oak tree, Eivarlost made his descent ahead of Teinas by about ten feet. This time, however, Eivarlost wasn't so lucky about being the quickest one down. Small branches, wood chips, and dirt showered down on him from above.

"Augh," Eivarlost cried, "Teinas!" But Teinas only laughed.

"Payback," he called from above then continued in his laughing, as Eivarlost, once again, made for the ground.

When Teinas was only ten feet from the ground, he took hold of a heavy bough below him and swung himself down, landing in a crouch beside Eivarlost who was also crouching.

"Would you mind grabbing our cloaks," Eivarlost asked Teinas, indicating the bushes. Teinas quickly retrieved the two cloaks and handed one to Eivarlost.

"Are they far," Teinas asked quietly.

Eivarlost shook his head and said, "No…no, I don't think so. Look there, " he pointed to a faint glow in the distance, "You can just make out the flames of a fire. My guess is they've stopped."

"Stopped," Teinas asked incredulously, "But why?"

"I don't know," Eivarlost replied, shaking his head as he silently made for the fire. Teinas followed, and in as little as two minutes, the young men were only three feet away from the camp behind some trees.

As they gazed upon the band from their hiding spots, Eivarlost and Teinas could see the men all gathered around a small fire, cooking some venison from some deer they had shot earlier in the day.

Eivarlost and Teinas caught only snatches of their conversation, "...far ahead of us...they'll come back when....missing," mumbled a voice.

"...canteen..Rum for me, Shalei," one man called to another.

Many of the men were drunk and could hardly stand. Some of them were shoving and yelling at each other over the canteens of beer and venison.

Eivarlost slammed his fist into the tree, "Those men have no discipline!"

Just then a fight broke out between two of the drunks. From the perspectives of Eivarlost and Teinas, they were fighting over a canteen of liquor.

"It's mine," broke out the shorter of the two, "t'is slobbling fiend is tryin' ta steal me can- can- canteen!"

"Yer'd have ta 'ave be'n a idjut not ta know t'at's mine," and with that the "slobbling fiend" drew out his flick knife and plunged at the first drunk who held the precious liquor.

The first man whipped out a dagger from his left boot and took a swipe at the other’s knife in an attempt to deflect it. The flick knife flew out of the second man's hand, bringing a smirk upon the shorter man's face. However, his luck would soon turn against him, for in the very next moment, he tripped over a boulder by his feet and landed on his stomach, the dagger plunged straight through his heart.

No one seemed to notice the dead man, nor did they care. They were having too much fun dancing by the fire and drinking to their hearts' content.

Eivarlost could hardly stand to watch, his face revealing his disgust.

Teinas remarked in a whisper to Eivarlost, "They're acting like a bunch of wild animals!"

"Beasts is more like it," replied Eivarlost distastefully. He added, "This is not a game anymore Teinas." His friend nodded in silent agreement.

A man sitting on a log not far from Eivarlost's hiding spot tore hungrily at his hunk of venison. In less than thirty seconds, the venison was gone, and the man greedily reached for more. With his mouth still full, the man said, "The only thing I'm wanting is some girls to spend the night with," and with that he laughed heartily.

That set Eivarlost off. The leader rushed in and slammed the flat of his blade against the surprised man's head, knocking him off the log he was sitting on and leaving him with a severe headache.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have You Ever....?

Have you ever wanted to leave this world and jump into another where there is only you and God (and possibly animals)....a place where there are no buildings, no people...just trees and plants....a huge wilderness that you could explore without having to care where you were going?

Have you ever wished that you could go to that sanctuary where you could just talk with God, completely alone without any interruptions? I know I have. To examine all the wonderful things God has made, to run freely through the wilderness without a care in the world as to where I was going, climbing trees, examining insects and creatures, to freely talk with God....that would be amazing.

If only I could escape this world and go to that sanctuary for just 5 minutes........


Friday, May 8, 2009


Guess what?! Dad just got Mom a new laptop! Guess who gets to keep the old one??? ME!!!! I'm so happy! I've been wanting to purchase one for a while, but it's kind of hard for me to scrape up the cash without a job. I've been wanting to go for data entry, but I doubt I could get a job like that when I'm only 16.

Back to the laptop. It's not a bad laptop. It's an HP Pavilion and it works great except it needs a new plug (Sometimes it shuts off on me because the plug stops working. I have to constantly check to see if the plug is working.) Also, the hinge is broken which actually isn't too big of a deal for me since it just sits on my desk; I don't really need to take it anywhere.

It's great. I can listen to my playlist in my own room, and write more. Everything is actually organized (on the laptop computer). I can download certain programs that I need to use (well, I don't exactly NEED them, but I like playing around with 'em). I love it!

Well, that's enough for now. It's getting late; it's already 12:00.


Let's Keep It Simple: Today

We (the family and I) did ALOT today. I'm so worn out....not sleepy...just worn out.

First, we went to Three Lakes Park with the Grims and Madisons. We went to the playground, played tag and all. Then later on we decided to take a walk on the trails. We saw a tree frog, a blue heron, and LOTS of turtles in the water. We kids also did a bit of exploring through the woods. We also took a look around the - what do you call it? - nature....building...thingy. Sorry, I completely forgot what in the world it's called! It'll come back to me...eventually.

Later on, at around 6:00 I believe, we left for the Wassenberg's house. They had invited us over for dinner, and Dad was going to fix their - Dad was going to fix something having to do with heating or air conditioning or something. I don't really know; I didn't pay attention.

I know I had fun. We had a delicious dinner of potato chips and dip. Lol just kidding! We had hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and dip, pasta salad and regular salad, etc. It was good! ....especially the chips and dip...Oh, and the carrot cake was delicious too!

We also did a quite a bit of jumping on the trampoline. I love trampolines! Pretty soon, it was time to go, and everyone went inside. Right before we left, we listened to Alexis play a song on the violin. She did really well! Then as Hannah (I believe it was) began to play the piano, we had to leave. =-(

It's been a loooooong day. Tomorrow is probably going to be a lazy day for me....hopefully...unless somebody wants me to do something (like cut the grass). I'm just going to have to lay low. ;)

(This is probably extremely rambly. Sorry about that.)