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Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Of School

School started back up today. I'm in 11th grade now. (Yeah, I know, hard to believe.) Wasn't too bad. Went pretty quickly. Got done by 12:22. =D

Geometry didn't have any math in it (yet). It was basically just logic. I even forgot I was doing Geometry for a few minutes. =P


Thursday, August 27, 2009


I finally got my mp3 player in the mail today at 3:24 pm. It's so awesome!!!! Got a bunch of songs on it now. =D

Yeah, I decided to use headphones the first night, since I wasn't all too fond of earphones.

Used to them now though. =)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Mikey's Haircut

My cousin Mike took Mikey to get a haircut over the weekend. Too bad. He looked so cute with his long hair. Now it's all buzzed off. Ah well. He still looks adorable. =)




Sunday, August 23, 2009

My First Mp3 Player Ever!!!!

I just bought a "Sony NWZS616FBLK 4GB MP3 Player" for $55 total from Ebay. My first mp3 player ever! I'm really happy about it. =D

This is where I bought it from: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-4GB-Walkman%aeVideo-MP3-Player-w%2fFM---NWZS616F---RED_W0QQitemZ110425409895QQcmdZViewItem

They still have one more if interested. Buy it now.

It's pretty cool. Been wanting one of these for a while now. Few months. Finally got the guts up to ask if I could purchase.

Parents said I could buy, but I need to start paying attention better (meaning looking for ways to help out). Also, I can't plug into it all day. I had no intention of doing that anyways though, so.... Ha.

So yeah, it's getting here from New Jersey. Shouldn't take too long to get here. =D


Communion with the Believers

We're going to be having communion later with the believers on Paltalk. It'll be at 2:00. There're about 7 of us, and we meet 4 times a week for Bible studies, communion, ministry on Paltalk, and prayer. It's awesome!

These are the meeting times:

Sunday: 2:00 PM -- Lords Supper and General Fellowship
Tuesday: 7:30 PM -- Bible Study and Sharing
Thursday: 7:30 PM -- Prayer Meeting
Saturday: 7:30 PM -- Evangelism Ministry Night

And here's the website, if you'd like to check it out: http://www.overcomeevil.com/index.htm

It's pretty awesome, especially since we can't find a church to go to. None of us could. So we all meet on Pal.

There's only one other kid there so far, Paul. He's 14, and we get along great. Too bad he lives all the way down in Florida.

I wonder if the room's going to be open to everyone this time, or if only we'll be able to go in. Sometimes for communion or prayer only we can go in because once in a while people come in and disrupt. Not very often, but it does happen.

If anyone wants to check out the Bible study on Tuesday, just write me up, and I'll give you directions for how to get there.


Ps: Dad wouldn't let me eat raw eggs today instead of cooked. Too bad because I really wanted to try it. =/ Ah well....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will's Voice

The whole family was cracking up tonight because of Will's voice. It's been changing as of the last day or 2, and it just sounds so funny! In the middle of a sentence he'll just get all squeaky. It's just too funny!

Even when he laughs, it sounds funny. Been teasing him a little about it today. Ha, he doesn't mind though. I wonder how long this'll last...?



We went skating the other day (Thursday) and took Mikey with us. It was pretty sweet. Jaime and I took turns pushing Mikey around the skating rink in his stroller. That sounds a little weird. "The skating rink in his stroller"? Ah well, you know what I mean.

He had alot of fun with that. We decided not to rent skates for him since he's only 1. I'll probably try to teach him how to skate when he's 3 if he's still with us.

Besides pushing him around the skating rink, Jaime and I (mostly Jaime) took him walking around. We let him check out the arcade games. He got to turn the steering wheel on one. We also set him on the new motorcycle arcade game and rocked him a bit.

All in all, I think he had fun. Too bad I forgot my camera. Next time I'll probably take it. Mom says we can probably go this next Thursday too, since it's the last one before school starts.

HOPEFULLY, the Wassenburgs go, and Jaime can see Alexis.


Thinking About It

My parents are actually thinking about getting chickens in our backyard which might not be a bad idea. The only thing I'm dreading is if we would have to eat the eggs.

And if their are too many, then Mom will probably be making lots of egg breakfasts. I hate eggs. I don't mind them in things that you bake or whatever, but just eggs.

Seriously I think I'd rather eat them raw than I would cooked. I think I'll ask Mom if I could try it one day when she makes eggs again...probably Sunday. I can tell you it sounds so much tastier then fried or scrambled eggs.

Mom and Dad have been looking at chicken coup plans for a while. They want to tear down our old shed to build on top of it.

I don't know if we WILL do it or not, but I know they're thinking about it.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking Mikey to Dorey Park

The other day, we took Mikey to Dorey Park. On the way there we listened to a Seeds Family Worship album, Seeds of Faith. Yeah! Which, by the way, I still have that coupon code if interested. Just let me know.

When we finally got to Dorey Park, there were only 2 kids there which rather surprised me. The boys told me they were 8 and 5.

I rocked them on the big see saw for awhile until their parents said they were going to go walk down by the pond.

It was kind of funny because a short time before the younger boy was in the house at the little bull horn saying, "Mom can we go to Chucky Cheese??" (his parents said "NO" of course), and when the parents called the boys over to go to the pond, the little boy asked, "We're going to Chucky Cheeses?!". Haha.

Ok back to Mikey. We let Mikey run around the place, and I took pictures. Mikey first got on the little see saw with Dad.

Then later he wanted to wander around, and he soon wandered over to the car. He climbed in the back of it and played with the mulch inside.

Eventually he got pretty bored with that and ran back outside to find some "awesome" things in the mulch that he could stick in his mouth and play around with. We had to make sure he didn't get the popped water balloons on the ground.

Once over at the big see saw, where everyone was sitting, Mikey found cheerios on the ground. Cheerios!! He found cheerios IN THE MULCH and started eating them. Only a baby could find cheerios in the mulch. Lol.

Mikey also decided to drive the car. With his cup full of water in his mouth (held by his teeth), he drove. Vroom! Vrooom!

I don't suppose you're getting tired of me yabbering on, so I'll just post some pictures.

See sawing with Uncle Bill.

Checking out the house.

Oooh wow! Binoculars.

What happened to the rest of the car?

Riding with Jaime.

Getting on the giant worm (or whatever that thing's s'posed to be).

Silly Willy.

Getting into the play trailer.

His face was all red. It was kind of hot.

Finding treasures in the mulch. One man's trash is another man's treasure, aye Mikey?

Thirsty. =Þ Mom dripped water on his head. That's why his hair looks so funny.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey....MIKEY! What have I told you about drinking and driving? >:(

Oooh wow tees. Coool. *grunts*

Me on the way home.

A locust skin I found on the way in the house.

Mikey was hungry when we got home from Dorey Park, so we gave him some crackers and water....and apple sauce a short while later.

Laughing at me. =Þ

He he he!

Checking out the ceiling.

Ah ha ha, Aunt Missy.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going to Dorey Park - 2:00

We'll probably be taking Mikey to Dorey Park later around 2:00. Hopefully, it won't be too hot. It's been really hot this whole week practically. It's alright sitting in the shade with the wind blowing, but if you're out in the sun, it feels like you're sizzling in a frying pan. HOT!

I might take my camera and take some pictures. In that case, I should probably charge it, huh? Ok charging. Be bad if it cut off on me while trying to take a pic or vid.

Speaking of which, I should probably get those clips of Mikey onto Windows Movie Maker and put them altogether to make a short video.

Well, guess I'll write about how it goes when I get back.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bucket Swinging

Whoo! Bucket swinging!


Mikey Man

We took Mikey for a walk around the block today in the stroller. Jaime and Will took turns running him around while I held Annie (our dog) on the leash. It was pretty fun.

When we got back to the house, we let Mikey wander around the front yard. He quite enjoyed pushing his stroller around. Even gave me a hug (one of his falling-on-top-me-while-I'm-sitting-on-the-ground hugs. =D).

Later in the day (or possibly before) we (Will, Jaime, and Me later) swung Mikey around in his toy bucket. Toy bucket as in: the bucket he puts his toys in. ;)

Soon after Mikey had gotten up from his nap, Jaime (I think it was her) put a movie on. Well, I was just sitting there watching it, and Mikey runs up to me, bringing me all these toys. He's throwing tennis balls at me, bringing me a toy to wind up for him, climbing up in my lap, begging for little pieces of my apple....yeah, silly kid. Ha. =)

Then later, I picked up all these little blocks and toys, and Mikey takes the little block bucket and dumps it right on his head! I clean it up again, and what does he do? Dumps it on his head. And then, once their all on the ground he starts going crazy with his hands whacking blocks everywhere. Guess it wasn't messy ENOUGH for him. Ha!

Man, I love that boy! Even if he is bratty sometimes.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Pictures of Mikey

The first pics are the most recent.

Babysitting Mikey while Mom and Becki (our older cousin) clean. (This is at Mikey's house.)

What's tha─OH MY EYES!!

A real nice pic of the top of Mikey's head. =P

Gulp, gulp, gulp....

Flash got him again. Lol.

Haha look at Court!

She looks so funny when she's taking pictures!

Ah ha...haha....hahaha

Going down.....The Stairs! Dun dun DUN!

Mikey visiting our house for the second time. (I think.)

Looking at me while holding on to Dad's foot. ...Hmm....I wonder who got him that shirt...? =D

He sure loved that big window of ours. Kept looking out and saying "tee" (tree).


Mikey loved going upside down. (That's his dad on the phone there. Michael. Our cousin.)

(a sucked in) Hehehe



Mikey and (our cousin) Becki.