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Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Little Poems I Wrote

The Spiritual Race

By: Jaime Robinson

If once you're in the race,
Running at a steady pace,
Don't get slowed by sin,
But run the race and win!


By: Jaime Robinson

We have been reborn,
No longer torn.
Like a child we grow and grow,
Though we learn quite slow.

The Marriage of Larry

By: Jaime Robinson

There once was a mouse,
Who was fat as a house,
And could barely fit into his hole.
His name was Larry,
And he was quite merry,
'Till his girlfriend married a mole.

Then he was sad,
And he felt very bad,
Until he got a clue.
He lost some weight,
Went on a date,
And he married a girl named Lou.

The Mainean Mariner Malfunctions

By: Jaime Robinson

There once was a man from Maine,
Who boated in the rain.
He tried to catch krill,
But instead caught a chill,
And went home in terrible pain.

Old Camping Trips

I remember one year we went camping on a mountain somewhere in Virginia. I'm not sure what the campground is called, but it was a really great camping trip. We went in the fall so it was extremely cold, and we had to sleep in a tent. We got the best campsite; it was right near a rushing stream.

I remember a few teenagers going down the stream in tubes. They must have been freezing in that ice cold water, not to mention we were up on a mountain in the middle of fall. We tried fishing in the stream, but there were really only little fish and about a million bugs.

The only bad thing about where our campsite was, was that the bathroom was all the way up this enormous hill, and at night when you had to go and you just wanted to stay in your nice, warm, cozy sleeping bag, you had to climb this giant hill in the cold to get there.

They had the best playground there. I remember playing on some real seesaws. At one time when we were at the playground, some teens came and were playing on the merry-go-round. We didn't hesitate to hop on, well, maybe I did for a minute because I was shy, but I ended up joining. I was glad too because they spun really fast.

I also remember on another day some other kids came to the playground. They were probably a little older than we were. I remember trying to play on the seesaw with the boy, but he was alot bigger than I was, and so I ended up staying at the top while he sat practically on the ground.

I also remember how, in the morning, it was so freezing outside that I didn't even want to get out of my sleeping bag. I had to get up, of course, so I'd hurry up and get dressed so that I could sit by the fire and warm up again. Mom was awesome in the morning; she'd get us all some hot chocolate to help warm us up.

There were always nuts on the ground from the trees above us, so I'd go collecting 'em, so that later when we lit a fire, I could throw 'em in and watch 'em pop. It was so cool. I'd make a furnace like thing with the logs so that I could toss the nuts in. After a few seconds they'd explode. After a bit, my parents said not to do it anymore, unfortunately, because sometimes it would throw out some sparks. It burned a hole in one of the chairs once.

When we were at the playground playing once, Dad accidentally squirted Mom with the hose when he was trying to rinse off some dishes. She was so angry about it because it was cold outside. After she went and changed, she sat hard on one of the chairs with a plate of food. The chair tipped back, and Dad had just enough time to save her plate of food before Mom fell to the ground.

One time, we went to this one campsite near our house. We got this awesome cabin. I remember when we lit a fire, and it started to rain. At first it was really windy. The wind started blowing the sparks everywhere. It was really wild. Mom thought we were going to burn the place down if we didn't stop it. After dumping water all over the fire, we retreated to the cabin. Just as soon as we got under the roof above the porch, rain started poring down.

At another time, we went camping in North Carolina near where our grandparents live. I can't remember what any of these campsites are called....sorry. We got a cabin there too. It was alot better than the one we got at the other place, but that's probably because we got a bigger one. They had an awesome lake called Lake Gaston.....

I remember one time we went canoing there together. Me (Courtney), Will, and Mom went in one canoe, while Dad and Jaime went in the other. We were all going under a bridge. The canoe I was on was ahead. As we went under the bridge, we were trying to steer right, but we ended up crashing into the bridge's sloping pillar-type-structure. Mom was panicking; she thought we were going to sink. Luckily we were on metal canoes, otherwise we might have sunk.

While we were at this campsite, Will got the idea to create little ships out of some bark off of the trees. We had some suckers, so when we were done eating them, we saved the wrappers for sails for our ships. They weren't bad either. We used our knives to make the fronts more ship-like. When we tested them, they sailed pretty well, at least, most of them did.

One night, we had the best dinner ever, subs. Mom made her own subs, and they were delicious. Mmmm.......I felt sorry for anyone who had to eat more hamburgers and hotdogs. Subs are so much better.

Another time, we went with our grandparents, Mom mom and Pop pop, to this campsite on another mountain in North Carolina, I think. While we were there, we kids found a vine or long branch partly connected to one of the trees. We used it to swing on. It was really fun; we would swing down over this gap, and it would then swing us back to our starting place. After a while it broke though. I had just swung really far, and as soon as I had landed it broke. Luckily it didn't break while I was swinging.

After the 'vine' broke, we had to find other things to do. We met this boy while we were there, Patrick. He was a little younger than Will. I think he was 11 or 12. We went with him to find small crawdads (or crayfish) in the little stream by our campsite. The boys got some cups to catch the crawdads in, and we girls basically alerted the boys when we spotted one. After catching about a million of the little creatures, we eventually let them go, so we could catch them all again later.

After a day or two we climbed up this giant mountain. We went up one side and down the other. Around the rocky parts near the top, there was a bit off water running down the mountain. It was mostly just little trickling slits of water, though. The view was great from the top. I carved my name on one of the trees there as best I could with my knife. When we got near the bottom on the other side, we found this river running through the place. Eventually it would all drop off into a waterfall. As soon as we reached the bottom, we were below the great waterfall and by a stream. We kids jumped around on these giant rocks and crossed to the other side. Dad took us kids up onto a ledge right next to the waterfall. It was really awesome being right next to the waterfall, being right there! Well, that's all I can think of for now......


Sunday, July 27, 2008

TaeKwonDo and Black Belt Testing

Tae Kwon Do is a form of martial arts, as you may be able to tell from the name. We kids, me (Courtney), my brother Will, and Jaime, have been taking TKD classes for quite a while now. Will and I have been doing it for about 5 years now, and Jaime's been doing it for about 3 years. Our main instructor, Craig Simpson, has taught us many different things, such as: traditional Tae Kwon Do, grappling (similar to wrestling), boxing, and many other things as well. We've even learned a little bit of Hapkido with one of our other instructors, Cindy Wallow. We've not only learned about self defense and how to fight if need be, but also about many other great characteristics for everyday life such as: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and self control. We couldn't have had a better instructor than Mr. Simpson or any of the other instructors there for that matter.

On July 25, last friday, Will and I tested for our black belts. Jaime tested for her red belt. The testing took about 3 hours, not exaggerating. It went from 6:30 to around 9 something. It was tiring but we managed. We had to do about 10 different forms, which are sets of different kicks, punches, blocks, and stances that you have to memorize. We got those down pretty easily. We also did some boxing and grappling, three steps, takedowns, and free sparring. We broke boards too. Will broke with a running elbow, jump spinning back kick, running jump fake side thrust kick, and a butterfly elbow. Jaime broke with a running jump fake front thrust kick. And finally, I broke with a jump fake spinning back kick, a jump fake front thrust kick, and a butterfly elbow. I was supposed to break another board with my other elbow, but instead of breaking the board I bruised my elbow lol.

Well finally when the testing was over, Will and I were rewarded new TKD suits, black belts, a certificate certifying that we had obtained our black belts, and a sword. Jaime was rewarded her red belt. In maybe 2 more years or at least a year, Jaime will probably be awarded a black belt as well. If your interested in knowing which Tae Kwon Do school we go to click this link taekwondoworks.biz.

Will and I also had to write about what becoming black belts meant to us. If your interested here's what we wrote:

What Becoming A Black Belt Means To Me
By Courtney Robinson

Tae Kwon Do has been great for me to learn. I've learned
self-confidence as well as perseverance and many other great
character traits. After five years of hard work, I will finally be testing for my black belt. The belt really means nothing. It's the accomplishment that really has meaning. Going for my black belt has been difficult, but that's what makes it worth it. If I could have gotten my black belt in just a few months, what would it have been worth? This concept could be compared to our spiritual lives as well. I mean to be a Christian is to go through hardships and persecution for Christ, but in the end we will get the prize if we don't give up. Never give up! If we go after something and don't give up, we can accomplish almost anything. This is what becoming a black belt means to me.

Why Getting My Black Belt Means Alot To Me By Will Robinson

Getting my black belt means alot to me for several different reasons. First of all, I feel good about the accomplishment of earning my black belt because I've persevered and haven't quit, and because it was alot of hard work to get there. Another reason getting my black belt means so much to me is because I've learned numerous things in Taekwondo such as balance, body coordination, and self control. The last reason getting my black belt means alot to me is because I've been training in Taekwondo for almost 5 years and I'm finally reaching my goal. Those are some of the reasons I'm excited to be getting my black belt.

Just in case your interested, here are some pictures from our testing. Most of them aren't very good because of all the action and lighting but........



Taekwondo is a great thing to do for exercise. I have been doing taekwondo for almost four years. I go to Taekwondoworks, Mechanicsville and am now a red belt. (After red is black) My brother and sister are black belts now and they're most-likely going to stop taekwondo at the end of the summer. I do taekwondo on Tuesday and Thursday and at this rate I'll probably be a black belt in about two years.

Taekwondo teaches you many good things. It teaches self-control, integrity, perseverance, courtesy, and self respect. Usually our taekwondo instructor has us test every year. That's when he has us come on a certain day and sees if we're ready to be promoted. He has another person attack you (not violently) and you have to try to get away. You also have to do many other things , but I'll only mention one. Near the end you have to break a board. It might sound hard but if you do it right it isn't very hard. In all, I've broken seven boards I believe, and for my next testing I have to break four boards. One for each elbow and one for each leg. Anyway, enough about breaking boards. Taekwondo is good exercise and fun. After four years, I hope that I can continue in taekwondo and won't have to quit. If you want you can also visit
TaekwondoWorks on the web.

Me doing my form

Me getting my red belt

-Jaime Robinson-

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Old School Memories

Memories.......it always seems like the old times were the greatest times in my life......I wonder if everyone feels like that.....hmm...Well anyway, I'd better get on with it.

Well let's start with kindergarten. I got my first 2 marriage proposals in kindergarten lol. A white kid behind me and a black kid in front of me both asked if I would marry them. I, not really wishing to be married at 5, just smiled at them. I remember I used to be so afraid to even ask if I could use the bathroom. For a while in the school year I wouldn't even ask....I'd just wait until I got home. Luckily I conquered my fear before the school year was over. Hmmm....Oh I remember in kindergarden when when it was bring-your-stuffed-animal-to-school day. I brought my big stuffed dog to school wearing my power ranger pjs.....lol....yea, a girl next to me named Sarah just looked at me and smiled. I looked back at her and said, "What!!!" Grrr she made me angry, looking at me like I was some little kid........

1st and 2nd grade were both great. I had Ms. Mead for a teacher both years. I remember a kid who just annoyed me. I forget his name. He just annoyed me just because of the way he was. He really didn't do anything but.....Anyway one time I took his backpack and put it in the girls restroom behind the door. He some how found out it was me. He wasn't mad though. In fact, he just laughed. Oh, I remember this kid, Carlos, his breath always smelled of sour milk....guess he drank too much of it. He used to let his pants fall down way low. I really don't see how anyone thinks that that's cool. I mean, what is it?? Showing off your undies?? Anyway, I remember the time we were all walking in a line to gym class. I was right behind him. Well, as we all entered the gymnasium, his pants fell right down to the floor!! He had to quick grab them before anyone else saw. Show this to anyone who thinks showing off there undies is cool!!!

When I was in first grade, I met this girl named Kim. We became friends after I gave her my jello. I remember the time we were at the computers. She was right beside me. When she stood up to say something to someone, I pulled her chair back, so that when she sat down, she sat down on the floor. I know, it was a mean thing to do, but it was so funny. When she sat back, she ended up sitting on the floor. She didn't think it was funny, but I started cracking up.

I met my best friend Paige in 1st grade, I think. We're still good friends to this day, though we don't talk all that much since I'm now homeschooled and she's public schooled. I've never had a better friend than Paige. We've never even had a fight before, a few disagreements maybe, but nothing serious. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, after my class had lunch and my brother, Will's, class was coming in to eat, me and Will would always give each other high fives. I felt like I was so cool, giving my brother a high five.

Nothing much interesting happened in 3rd grade. I had my teacher Ms. Capers. Oh I remember something! Ms. Capers was friends with another teacher. I don't remember her name, but she was so funny. She'd talk all fast and drew daisies all over the chalk board. There was this kid Elijah in my class. He was the only one who tried and liked my honey mustard pretzels that I would bring sometimes. Any time I brought them he'd come over and ask me for some. I'd always give him a handfull. Mmm I love honey mustard pretzels...

This was also the year I was introduced to evolution. Now, I'm a Christian and my family's always been the type that believed that Christianity was the true religion rather than any other religion, although at one time they weren't truly following Christ. Well, at this time I didn't really understand everything, so when they introduced me to this caveman junk I just kind of took it in even though I believed that God created everything. I really didn't understand. All I was really interested in was making fun of the caveman pictures.

Mom started homeschooling us kids when I got to 4th grade. Now I didn't really have my friends with me, but I sure did learn alot more! From 4th grade and up, Mom's been homeschooling us. Even without all our friends, we still had good times. History was the most fun subject I think. We made a timeline for 2 different years, and every time we learned about someone or something, we would draw a picture of it and put it on our timeline. It really was fun. Once we wrapped up my little sister, Jaime, with toilet paper to make her look like a mummy for history class. Oh yeah, and starting homeschooling also brought us to find the greatest gym class ever.

We started Tae Kwon Do after attending the homeschooler's electives at our old church. In fact only yesterday, me (Courtney), Will, and Jaime tested for new belts. Me and Will tested for our black belts. Jaime tested for her red belt. It took me and Will about 5 years to finally get our black belts but it was sure worth it! But let's not leave out Jaime, she's worked just as hard as we have, maybe not so many years but she's done very well! Well, enough about TKD! That's something for another blog post. Well I suppose I'm done; I hope you all enjoy this.

-Courtney Robinson-

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ragdolls

My name is Jaime. I'm ten years old and crafts is what I like doing most. On July 23 I made a rag doll with the help of my mom. She made the pattern and cut out the pieces of material and I sewed the doll together and stuffed it. I think it was the cutest thing I ever sewed. Me and Court, with mom's help, also made two smaller dolls. I hope to make many more dolls and give them away to family and friends. See picture of dolls below.

-Jaime Robinson-

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annie: The Lost Dog

Once upon a time, on a dark, stormy night when my family and I were having hotdogs for dinner, a banging sound was heard coming from the living room. When we came out to see what it was, we saw a muscular pitbull whining and throwing herself (and I do mean throwing herself) against the screen door.
Mom, believing that she was hungry, handed my little sister Jaime a hotdog to give to the dog. As soon as the door was opened, the dog burst into the house at full speed. We kids, being little at the time, ran for the bunk beds. Once we were all on the top bunk, the dog decided she wanted to join us, so she hopped right on up there. This of course led to our hopping down.

After a game of catch the kids, the dog finally settled down. I guess we'd worn her out. Well as she continued to live with us, we all grew quickly attached to her.
At first, I, being fascinated by the Disney movie, Anastasia, wanted to name her Anastasia. The others found this to be ridiculous, so after a bit of thinking, we eventually came up with the name Annie.

Annie was quite content to live with us; after all, she got to sleep on our furniture and get all the attention. My mom was babysitting some babies at the time, and Annie did wonderfully with them. The most harm she could do to them was drowning them with her kisses, lol. Wonderful pup as she was, Mom wasn't sure we should keep her. She was later given to the parents of one of the babies Mom babysat. Annie was tied to a tree and left there, even in the rain and thunderstorms. (Annie is terrified of thunderstorms.) The only shelter the poor pup could get was from under one of the trucks.

Some time later Mom changed her mind about getting rid of Annie, and she asked for her back. The family who had taken Annie in were kind enough to give her back to us, luckily. I can tell you how happy she was when she saw us again. As soon as she was let off that rope that tied her to the tree, she took off at full speed, racing all 'round the yard. From that point on, Annie's been living with us happy as she can be.

You know, there's a strange story to Annie's coming to us... When I was maybe 7 or 8, around that age, I prayed that one day I would get a dog. When Annie came to us, it was God's answer to my prayer. Even though we got Annie some years after I prayed for a dog, I knew that God works in His own time. Another strange thing: when Annie came to us, she seemed to have no owner. Annie seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm not saying God sent her to earth to come to us or anything like that. I'm saying Annie was God's gift to us.

Annie's done some pretty strange and funny things while she's been with us. One time, we had just come home from church and the phone started ringing. We couldn't find the phone and we all started shouting, "Where's the phone! Where's the phone!" Well Annie walked out of my parents bedroom calmly bringing the ringing phone to us!!! This was the strangest thing. If you want to know what the call was about, well, I don't remember. I sure would like to know though. Well this wouldn't be so strange if she'd been trained to do that, but later we had tried it and she never did it again. It was one of the weirdest things that's ever happened to us.

Another time, I had Annie on the leash outside. This was when she was really strong and muscular. (After living with us this long, she's gotten way overweight.) Anyway, I had her on the leash and Dad decided to call her. As soon as she heard her name called, she rushed over there with me flying (literally flying) through the air behind her. It was not a happy day for me I can tell you. It wasn't so much me getting hurt after an unsuccessful flight, it was just so embarrassing! Hmm, well, I can't think of anymore so I'm just going to publish this....

-Courtney Robinson-