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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Accident on the Road

We just got back from skating, and as we were driving home, we were slowed by an accident up ahead of us to the left. There were so many lights going. Fire trucks and police vehicles were everywhere.

Something really amazing was that there was helicopter hovering right over the road. I believe it was taking someone to the hospital. The markings on it said N36VA (I memorized it).

As we drove by, we saw what had actually happened. There was this trailer truck sitting there. Didn't seem to be really damaged. The damage had been done under the truck. An automobile (just a car) had somehow rammed itself right under the truck. It was horrible! Someone must have survived, however, because the helicopter was flying someone to the hospital when we were still a little ways away.

If any Christians read this, then please pray for those people involved in the accident.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Scooter

Jaime has been waiting for this day for a loooooong time. It's finally come. She finally got what she was waiting for, her 4 wheeled scooter which is her birthday present this year. (She's 11 since the 19th!)

Ever since we went to Toys R Us together to let her pick out a birthday present, Jaime has, of all the toys there, desired the 4 wheeled scooter most. Unfortunately because of her birthday being right after Christmas, the store was all out of the scooters, all except for the one that was for show.

Mom and Dad had to order it for her instead. Ever since then, Jaime has been eagerly awaiting its arrival. And today it came! Here are some pictures.


BTW: Jaime has been given some other gifts from me and Will (candy of course!), and Alexis (Jaime's best friend) purchased her a knitting kit. Alexis' older sister, Hannah, wants to teach Jaime how to knit! So that'll be cool. She also got some money from relatives.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trimming Annie's Mile Long Nails

Annie, much to her dismay, had to get her nails trimmed today. She absolutely hates it. Of course, I'm sure she likes it better than getting a bath. She shivered and kept trying to squirm away. Will had to hold her to keep her still. Here are some pictures below.

Can you tell she's nervous?


Attempting to squirm away.

Uh-oh here it comes!

Not my back feet!

Ahhh! Torture! Lemme GO!

How embarrassing... No pictures!


Annie managed to knock Will over and escape to....

The couch! I'm on base; you can't get me now!

...Or maybe you can....

I'm done. To the kitchen for my treat!

Excited! (she gets like this after a bath too)

This isn't a squat; I'm running!

Treat please!


Annie's Smile

Today I managed to get some pictures of Annie 'smiling.' She was laying down in my room, the quilt on the back of my couch had fallen on top of her much to her delight. She was just laying there with her top lip stuck up, so that all her teeth were showing. It looked as if she were smiling! I've posted some of the pics below.

Ok this one is a little freaky!

Oh yeah, almost forgot! Here're some pictures of Annie and her elf ears. Lol, kind of funny! At first it was an accident, but then we saw how funny she looked, so I took some pics.


Uploading Pictures

I just uploaded some pictures for something I wanted to write about today, and I was amazed to find that there were 451 pics (not including one really bad one of Little One that I cut)! It's actually still saving right now so...... It'll probably take a while, so............ Well, that's it!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today Little One, one of my 3 lovebirds, got her beak caught in between the bars of her cage. She (and even the other birds, her parents) started freaking out. Mom, Jaime, and I took off for my room as soon as we heard her screeching. She must have stuck her beak through the bars of her cage and then twisted it, so that it was stuck fast.

She, Little One (her real name is Faithful if you care to know. I nicknamed her Little One when she was a baby) was flapping her wings everywhere and screeching bloody murder! We pulled the cage over in order to get to where she was stuck and in the process knocked my lava lamp to the floor on top of my radio. When that happened the button to open it was clicked and the top opened. Luckily nothing was broken during all this.

We were all too worried about Little One to notice any of this. Finally Mom bent one of the bars back, and Little One was freed. What a relief! Little One was a little bruised and bled a bit above her beak, but other than that, she's fine. We just hope she doesn't get an infection or anything.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Tech Deck Ramp and Rail

Will, being into skateboarding and all, got some Tech Decks for Christmas. He also got a ramp and rail for 'em, but, being creative as he is (at least when it comes to skateboarding and Tech Decks), he decided to make his own ramp. Here are some pictures below of the ramp he created. I think he did a great job on this. Check it out below! Jaime and Will are using the Tech Decks to ride up and down the ramp.

Will has created other things before for skateboarding (NOT Tech Decks, actual skateboarding). He built for himself a funbox once. He's also made himself a rail out of a wooden board and a long plastic tube.

Just now Will has informed me that he's just put together a Tech Deck rail. He made it out of an old broken hanger piece and cardboard. It's not bad. Here's a picture below of his new creation.

Here is a picture of Will's new creation beside the ramp he got for Christmas.

From left to right, the ramp will created, the ramp and rail he got for Christmas, and the rail Will created tonight.

And just for good measure, here are some pictures of one of Will's Tech Decks. It's the one Will uses most.

Boy do I love my camera! The pictures are so much better than the pictures my VC took!