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Friday, July 31, 2009

Babysitting Mikey

We should be babysitting my cousin's little baby, Mikey. He's about 1 and a half now, I believe. He's so cute. Blond hair, blue eyes, ADORABLE!! So, in about 2 weeks, we should be babysitting him. =)


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey guys! Guess what? A few days ago Dad took me down to my old elementary school (Highland Springs Elementary School) to try some driving. It was awesome! I got to drive the Cavalier around the school parking lot.

Had to get used to the turning, but it wasn't too difficult. Drove about 10 mph most times. Started going up to 20 for a short while.

Once when I turned, I turned to sharply and ran the back wheels up the curb. =/

Dad told me to try to park at one point, so I attempted to turn into the parking space, however, I ended up ON the line instead of BETWEEN the 2 lines. Woops!

So, yeah, that was my first driving experience....well...except for the little go-carts I've ridden in when I was younger, but those don't count!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Reunion

We went to the family reunion yesterday. It was pretty cool. Got to see the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We went for a picnic in the park.

After we'd finished eating, we went over to the merry-go-round for a bit. Jaime, Will, and I spun all the kids around. Went a little too fast for Trevor (he's our 6 year old cousin); he kept falling off. Silly kid thought he could hang over the edge and not start to fall off. Luckily he only really fell off when we slowed down. I had to pull him up one time.

After that, we all headed down by the water. There was this little wall that you had to climb down (it was slanted). Aunt Becky was freaking out about Rodney (he's about 12 now). Even when he was just on the rocks below, she was freaking out, telling him he was "going to fall". Lol. Funny thing was, she didn't seem to pay too much attention to Taylor (6), and I hear she's the clumbsiest of them all!

Pretty soon, we headed back to the house and went swimming in there pool. Taylor (6) wouldn't go in the water though because she didn't "want to be splashed". Will thought it was actually because she didn't want to wear her floaties. He might be right about that one.

Still, we wore our floaties when we were that little. That reminds me of the time we were there many years ago when I put on like four (heavy duty) tubies (I was like 6 or 7), and then leapt into the pool expecting to go under a bit and then shoot up. What happened was the bottom tubie went under about and inch, and I just sort of floated there, deflated by my failed experiment. Haha. =)

Trevor (5) was so funny at the pool. He walked up to the water and looked into it like he was scared, then, all of a sudden, just jumped on in. Then he burst out of the water waving his arms around yelling, "I'm swimming!! I'm SWIMMING!!". Haha. He's a little drama king if you can catch my meaning.

After drying off, we kids decided to go over to the neighbors' house to jump on their trampoline. Our grandfather said it was alright, so we went. It was pretty fun. No net though, so we had to be careful.

Pretty soon it was time to leave. The drive there and the drive back, I can tell you, were horribly loooooong. And the traffic! Well, it's over now. Tired....


Family Picnic

We went to the family picnic yesterday. It was really fun. Let me just start from the beginning.....

First, on Friday, we had to prepare everything for the picnic. Me and Mom went to the store to get some things for the picnic and just as we were about to check out the groceries, we remembered munchies for the ride. We had to get out of line, find some good snacks, and find another line. Later that day, we kids had to clean out the truck. That evening, after eating dinner and doing the dishes, me and Mom cleaned a little bit around the house. Then a little while later we went to bed...

On Saturday, we had to get up at six-thirty!!! Ughhh...early. We ate a five minute breakfast of lucky charms, then we had to pack things and get things ready to go. When we started driving, I was really excited. But after about an hour and forty-five minutes, I was ready to stop driving. I ate some whales (a snack like gold fish only cheaper) but those made me really thirsty. I drank a caprisun and soon had to use the bathroom. After a while, we found a gas station and used the bathroom and bought a few gummy worms and a little pack of oreos.

I won't tell you everything else about the trip. There was traffic, we kids got bored, and finally we arrived at our grandparents house. We grabbed the food and headed over to the park right across the street, after, of course, some greetings and hugs. The food was delicious. I ate only a roast beef sandwich, though, because after eating in the car practically all the way there I wasn't overly hungry.

After eating, I went with my cousins Taylor (8 yrs old) and Rebekah (11 yrs old) over to the playground nearby. We decided to play on the swings for a little while, then went over to the merry-go-round. We were soon joined by Courtney who was racing James (7 I think) to where we were. Afterward Will and Rodney (12 I think) and Trevor (6 yrs old) came on over. (We also have one more close cousin named Tyler but he didn't come.) After a while of that, we all got tired and hot and headed back to the adults. After a little while (which seemed like forever to me because I really wanted to go swimming), we went down to the river to look at the water. After walking around a little, we decided to pack up and go back to the house. Us kids all got a ride in the back of the pickup truck. Me and Court got the best seat on a cooler at the very back. It was cool.

When we got to the house, we all got our swim suits on and swam in the pool. It was really fun. It wasn't deep enough to dive, but, even if it had been, I don't think I would have anyway. But we jumped in and made a whirlpool and stuff. Taylor didn't want to swim and Rebekah got out after a little while. We made the whirlpool after Rebekah had gotten out and Rodney, Courtney, Will, and I kept pulling Trevor off the ladder. It was hard for him to hold on with the whirlpool so it was fun dragging him back into the water.

After we all were out of the pool, we got chocolate and vanilla icecream cones. YUMMY!!! We ate dinner there so we wouldn't be too hungry on the ride home, and after that we left. The ride home was practically unbearable for me. I was really tired. I was kind of grumpy too. I said something a little bit mean when Courtney said something that annoyed me. But after a long time of driving through traffic, we stopped at a gas station. Dad pumped the gas while me, Mom, Court, and Will went over to the Mcdonald's next door to get some hot fudge sundays. Yum!! Icecream twice in one day!

And after a couple more hours, we arrived home. We were happy to see Annie and that she hadn't used the bathroom in the house. YAY! We unpacked some of the stuff and soon went to bed. And after waking up at 6:45 in the morning and coming home at almost eleven I slept like a log!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Forgot To Mention....

I forgot to mention on the last post about when I walked into my room to find Spanky (of all the birds!) out of his cage.

I looked at him on top of his cage, then I looked down, and I see the little door for his water bowl stuck open. He must have just climbed out for some unknown reason.

See, it is strange to see him outside of his cage because he is the scaredest of them all! He is such a little chicken, and yet, he was the one to come out!

It has been a wEirD day. Phew!


Family Reunion

We're going to go to a family reunion in New Jersey tomorrow... We're going to have a picnic in the park, and HOPEFULLY it won't rain. It's not supposed to, but you never know.

There's only going to be close relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. So that's good.

Our neighbor is going to look after Annie while we're gone. It's only going to be tomorrow until night, then we're heading home.

I'll write more on it later...


A Little About My Day

Where shall I begin....let's see...

Oh yes, the WORMS. So, I was dusting my shelves today, and then I notice this little creepy looking worm thing. { It looked like this ─> >O,o,o,o,o,o } It was really weird because it had these little hairs sticking out of it's rear. o.O

And then I saw another one hanging on my dusting rag by some sticky stuff... So then I got a little creeped out. I mean 1 of them, ok, but 2! Your pushing my limits!

They weren't really worms though; they were more like baby centipedes. And what I'm really not for liking is that I saw some of those a short while back in my bed...

Here's my Facebook status message on the worm thing if you want to read it:

Courtney A. Robinson says: Ewww is that a worm?! It's a little orange thing with these long hairs coming out of it's rear. Yuck!!! And it was in my room. =/

Courtney A. Robinson
EEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!! There's another bigger one stuck to my dusting rag!!!!!

Courtney A. Robinson
The worm is moving....

Courtney A. Robinson
The one worm that was stuck on my rag...well, I cut it off what I thought was some string...but now─erm─the worm is stuck on my scissors, and I don't think that was a string....it was something sticky that got stuck on my scissors...along with the stupid worm...

Courtney A. Robinson
I'm sorry, but this worm thing is creeping me out..... I think I saw some of those when I took my bed out a few months ago... (.) (.)

Courtney A. Robinson
Mom says they're little centipede bugs that hatched in my room. Whew, that's a relief....wait, but what happens when they get bigger, and they're all in my room?! AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

George Oyaro
Com'on Courtney! They're harmless! Let them stay! What do u think? Say hello to mama.

Courtney A. Robinson
Yeah, I just hope I don't see too many of them in my room.... They're fine outside, but in my room...yuck! =/

And after the whole worm thing, I almost grabbed the dead bug on my desk (I just realized I said "dresser" instead of "desk" on my Facebook status. Woops!) and ate that instead of a twizzler. Whew, glad I looked at what I was grabbing at first!

A short while after this, Annie (our pitbull) walked into my room and pooped all over my floor. =/ That mess was NOT fun to clean up. Ick! Annie had to get a bath too. Luckily Jaime and Will took care of that.

A few hours later, I had to go vacuum out the black truck, and it was really HOT in there. But, that wasn't too bad.

Then, Mom said The Word: SNACK!!!!



Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Live The King - Aaron Shust (Meez Music Video)

Hey, guys! I've god ANOTHER Meez music video for you! The song is called "Long Live The King" by Aaron Shust. Hope you like the video!


Worthy Is The Lamb - Paul Romano (Meez Music Video)

My friend Paul wrote a song, Worthy Is The Lamb, some time ago and sent me the MP3. Well, just recently a put together a music video for it using short video clips of my Meez character. Here it is if you'd like to see. (The song is the best part!)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back from the doctor

After the bike crash, (Courtney told you about that) I had to go to Patient First to get stitches. We (me, Mom, and Will) went into the building, Mom checked me in, then we went into the big white room where they would.....well, for me, they checked my weight (about 65-70 pounds I think), measured my height, checked for fever, then put this weird thing on my arm and I'm not sure what that was supposed to do. But it felt like it was getting really tight. Then I went into the place where I would get the stitches put in. One lady asked what had happened then cleaned the cut. The doctor then came in, asked how it had happened again. Then a couple more people came in and did some things, each asking what had happened. In all, I was asked four times what had happened. *Phew* Then the doctor came in and numbed me. OUCH!!! THAT was what hurt. That was terrible. I NEVER want to go through that again. She stuck one needle in. After that I thought the terrible pain was over. But then she stuck the needle in again. After waiting awhile, she (the doctor) came back (she had left) and did the stitching. At first I felt sure I would feel it. But I didn't. I felt something a little weird but it didn't hurt. Then the cut was wrapped up and we came home. It's a little sore right now, but besides that, fine. I can start playing again in about two days so long as I don't bend my knee too hard or put too much pressure on it. So that was what happened at Patient First. It's kind of cool to be the first kid in out family to get stitches.




Jaime has to go to the doctor to get stitches! They (Mom, Will, and Jaime) are heading to the doctor right now!

This is what I hear happened: Will and Jaime were riding their bikes down a hill (hardly big at all, Jaime says). Jaime was in front and Will was behind. Well, when Jaime got down the hill, there was this hole (she didn't see it), and she ran her bike right into it, hit her leg on some piece of the bike, and flew off.

Now her knee has this small, but deep cut in it, so she has to get stitches. I'd say, she's not too happy about it, but she's tough. When she first got shots (she was like 4 or 5), she didn't cry at all.

So, yeah, she's the first one of us kids to ever have to get stitches.


Meez Music Video (Smells Like Birthday Cake - Tim Hawkins)

Hey, Guys! Yesterday, I spent hours putting together a music video on the song "Smells Like Birthday Cake" by Tim Hawkins using video clips from Meez (Meez.com). Little by little I captured the video clips and added them to the song using Windows Movie Maker. Well, in the end it turned out so good that I figured I'd share. Ok here it is. Hope you like it! ...and don't forget to tell me what you think!!!!