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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Book (Eivarlost)

Hey, guys! I haven't written in a while....a long while.... Well, I've been drawing a bit lately for this book I've been attempting to write. I haven't gotten all that far, but I have the basic story in my head. If you want the basics of what I'm writing, I'll be posting it below.

Ok here goes. There is this wicked place called Nersin's Realm (I have a reason for calling it that. See if you can find out. =D). It is a place full of wickedness. It signifies the world.

Eivarlost, my main character, grew up in this aweful place with his drunkard father who only lives for fun. Eivarlost is different from most of the people in this place, however. He wants the truth, but he simply cannot find it, at least, not in the confines of this wicked city.

Eivarlost grew up being trained to kill. He was taught sword fighting since he was young. He trained alongside his best friend, Teinas who, although he is not quite like Eivarlost, is relatively a good.

Eivarlost, by the time he was near 20, became a leader of a small band of 30 men. His mission, given him by the lords of Nersins Realm, was always the same: destroy the innocent villages of the Christians.

Eivarlost does what he is told, but he doesn't feel quite right about it. Teinas, on the otherhand, continuously tells Eivarlost that "it's just the way things are" and "you've just got to go with the flow".

The rest of the story is about how Eivarlost finds the Truth through an old man who sacrifices himself for Eivarlost. Finally, his eyes are opened.

So....sound interesting? Oh yeah, and I need a title....any suggestions?

I think I forgot to tell you about Leighah. Well, all you need to know is that she also aids Eivarlost in finding the Truth.


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