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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drawings For My Book (Eivarlost)

Here are some of my drawings I've done for my book. I know they're not very good but......

Leighah Hunting

Leighah and her Brother (haven't got a name yet)

Eivarlost and Teinas at Age 10 (Eivarlost is in the tree)

Teinas (left) and Eivarlost (right) Training at Age 15

Leighah under a Tree

(From left to right) Eivarlost and Teinas as they Venture off to Destroy Innocent Villagers

Eivarlost's Father (drunkard) and Eivarlost

Eivarlost and Leighah, his captive.

Eivarlost and his best friend, Teinas, at age 17.


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