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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back From The Orthodontist

We just got back from the orthodontist at around 10:43 this morning. NO MORE BRACES!!

It wasn't too bad getting them off actually, except for when they scraped the glue off. Yeah, lots of pressure. Ehh, doesn't feel too great.

Felt kind of weird having no braces. I mean, I'd been wearing them things for a few years now. Made me feel like there was something on my teeth....like my lips! =D

Yeah, but it was cool! Look different now. Wow! Totally different from what my teeth WERE like. I was a bad case, man....

Going to get my retainer in a week. They did my molds. Apparently I don't get to choose whether or not I want the metal or the plastic... I was GOING to go with metal, but whatever.... Actually, now I think I'd go with plastic anyways, so...

SO YEAH!! Here's a pic of me and Will (Yes, he got his off same time too. NO FAIR!!) without braces. Um, by the way, that hat I'm wearing...I was just being silly that night, just so you know....that is the only reason I'm wearing it.

...and here's some more pics....


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