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Monday, September 7, 2009

Pole Green Park

We took little Mikey to Pole Green Park the other day. Will and Jaime mostly skateboarded at the skate park. Mom and I let Mikey play on the playground. It was pretty fun.

Mikey in his yellow race car.


Whoa!! Is that Big Foot?? (.) (.)

Weee!!! =D

Ah Ha Ha!!!


Me: Hey Mikey, don't you think that's a little dangerous?....(Next picture -->)

...Mikey: Naw Court, I'm a professional.

Climbing through the tube.

Hey Mikey, what's that behind you??

Climbing up the slide.

Sliding. Woohoo!!



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Courtney,

I got your comment about my continued problems with rotating pictures in the "preview" section. :) I went back and tried to find something that allowed me to rotate it but to no avail! :) I've tried clicking on the picture, putting my mouse on the picture, right clicking...what else do I need to do? No message about "Read-only" shows up - I don't know what's wrong! :-D Do you have any other advice?


I enjoy your pictures of Mikey and such! I thought we saw him at church the other day or either there was a little boy who looked exactly the same as Mikey. I don't know!


Thanks for your help!

P.S - I like what you have on your profile!

Courtney or Jaime said...

Hey Kimber! I know this is late (by like 9 days according to the email). Sorry.

Really, I'm not too sure... Hmmm... I know there are some photo editing places on the internet where you could upload photos and turn them. (Photoshop.com) Still, it's kind of a pain doing all that.

Have you tried right-clicking and checking out "properties"? You could try messing around with it. Idk. Wish I could be of more help to you.


Haha yeah, you probably did. Mike (my cousin) did say he went to CCMech the other day. =D


Only wish I could have been MORE helpful.

Ha yeah? Cool. =D