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Friday, October 16, 2009

Camping 2009

We went camping last weekend (Thursday-Saturday). It was pretty cool. We went to
Paradise Lake Campground. Here, I'll post some pictures.

Dad in the cabin we rented.

Little sister.


Who in the world is THAT??? O.o

THE WATER....no seriously!

The pond. =)

My foot over the water. I thought it was pretty cool with the reflection of the sky.

The brother, Will, and Dad's fishing box thingy. =)

The sister, Jaime, and her rod.

Fishing. (Jaime's totally hooked on fishing now. She loves it! I say it's kind of BORING. Takes too long....even if you DO catch something.)

What's that in the water?? NOTHING!! It's the reflection of the sky!! =P

BREAD. We used this for bait.

Look out!! Jaime's casting!! O.O

Jaime and her first fish which she called "Sonny". She was the first one to catch a fish here. =)

My bwuhduh...

My sista...

The cabin we stayed in...except for me really....I slept in the car 'cause everyone else...well...they snore and I didn't bring ear plugs. =P

Around the campfire.

Mmmm...marshmallows!!! =P

Smores... =P

Pigging out in the cabin.

Me and my bro listening to my Mp3 player which is cool to do at night especially if you don't have a good book to read.

Unlike Will and I, they actually had some good books to read.

In the morning... *YAWN*

Breakfast for them was...(rotten) eggs.


As you can see, I was really tired....

MORE fishing...

Eating Cracker Jacks because that was more fun than fishing. =P

Sitting in the sand....dumping sand on himself...for some reason.

Motoring Jaime around...that water was FREEZING!!!

Will and one of his four fish. (Jaime caught 3 and I caught 1).

Unhooking the fish.

My lovely sister and her lovely marshmallow. =9


The lake (or pond or whatever it was).

I remember the first morning when Will woke me up, and I was extremely tired. I had walked over to the bathroom, and I was just coming back. I was still tired so I kind of had my eyes closed, and there was this swing set by the bathroom a little ways...I walked right into it. Yeah, umm...that woke me up pretty good. =P ...Ouch...

I also remember when Will, Jaime, and I were making up this song... It sounded really cool. Will kind of began it, and I followed suit... Then we decided to change the songs words...and the whole song ended up changing. It went something like this:

I woke up one day
It was Jaime's birthday

(Guitar Solo done by ME)
Deh neh neh neh
Neh neh neh
Deh neh neh neh

I tried to make a cake
But I didn't hit 'bake'

Deh neh neh neh
Neh neh neh
Deh neh neh neh

(At this point, the song kind of changes gear)
So......whoa whoa...whoa whoa....
Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa!!
I cut the veggies with a steak knife!!
Whoa!! Whoa!! Whoa....!!

(I don't remember the rest...I can't even believe I remembered that much.)

I also remember, the first night I believe it was, their were so many stars.... I had asked Dad if we Jaime and I could go over to the swings to talk and look at the stars. Pretty soon, Will joined us, and we were all just laying in the grass staring up at the starlit sky and talking. It was nice... Staring up into a sky like that, you have got to know that there IS a God. It's evident. No doubt about it.

Well, I guess that's it...unless you want to hear about fishing... In that case hears the story in hieroglyphics:

In other words, while everybody else was fishing and once in a blue moon catching something...I was either listening to my Mp3 player or singing to the fish trying to get them to go after my "lonely piece of bread". Yeah...I only caught one fish. =P

Will managed to catch 4 fish, Jaime got 3, I got a pitiful 1... Actually mine wasn't so bad; it was pretty big at least. No pictures though, as I seemed to be about the only one snapping pics out there. Dad did manage a video, but it was pretty bad because he was trying to help me unhook it at the same time. Ah well...

I should put up some of the vids... The Cracker Jack in the cabin had to be the best‼ Jaime was TOTALLY not expecting that‼ =D



Anonymous said...

Hi Robinsons!

Just wondering..who is reading Bonemans Daughters by Ted Dekker? Just Asking!

Courtney or Jaime said...

That'd be my dad... What did you do..like zoom in just to see that?! Lol! =D


Anonymous said...

Yes, Actually I did! :D
I hope that I didn't bother you?! :I

One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your vacation! Were did you go!? See you someday!

His Princess,

Courtney or Jaime said...

@Anonymous: Naw, doesn't bother me. Actually, I thought it was pretty funny. =D

@Alexis: Hey!! Yep, we did. =D

We went to Paradise Lake Campground.


Courtney or Jaime said...

Hope you Wassenbergs had fun on your vacation too!! How was it??


One of the Wassenbergs said...

Our Vacation was good!

We had fun, it was a little busy though. In fact I think that a week at the beach is MUCH bettter! :)

His Princess,