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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Aviation Museum

Okay, I know I haven't posted in like forever!  But I've been kind of busy on my other blog (ayoungauthorsblog.blogspot.com).  Anyway, on with the post......

Today we (Me, Courtney, Will, Mom, and Mikey) went to the aviation museum.  It took a while to find the way in because you have to go on like three different roads going back and forth just to get there.......look below the get what I mean....the square thing is the building and the lines are the roads......

I      I

That probably didn't help, but it's kind of hard to illustrate on the computer with only the keyboard to draw with.  Well there were three roads in the front and the way in was at the very end of one.  On with the story.....

Well, we got in and Mikey got to get in a real airplane........guess what?  HE DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!!  He was very excited at first, screaming "airpane!".   But, when his foot got stuck in a little wire in the airplane, he cried.  So we got him out and let him play in the toy area.  I sat with him a little while, drew a dumb-looking plane, and wrote a dinky poem.

After looking around with Will, he and I found a game where you control the plane on the screen in front of you.  It had weird controls and Will got a little mad at me when I accidentally changed the view and he couldn't get it back. 

Me, Will, and Court got to ride in something called a......stimulator?  Something like that.  Well, two people get inside and BUCKLE IN.  Make sure you do the latter.  Well, there's a screen in front of you with helicopters and airplanes on it, all made for war.  The pilot steers the "plane" your in and the copilot shoots.  When the pilot steers, the very thing your sitting in reacts however you turn it.  I was so surprised the first time I kept squealing, and Courtney, as pilot, flipped the thing completely upside down!  Will kept telling me to shoot, and I kept telling him to find someone for me to shoot.  Over all, it was awesome!

To end our time there, we did some of the little experiment game things.......you know..........air blowing out sucks a ball in............one wing lifts more that the other...............stuff like that......... Then Mom bought Mikey a little $6.00 airplane toy.  (He's really in to airplanes, even as a...23 month old? I think so.)


ps. when i looked at this the format was ruined so the illustration doesn't work at all.  pay no mind to it.  i have to go, so i'll delete it later. 

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