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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get The Salami!

I totally forgot about this event. It happened about a month ago.....

Courtney was running around with a slice of salami, teasing Annie. I was trying to write something and I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Annie was chasing Courtney's salami and running through my papers. I got mad and screamed at Courtney to stop teasing the dog. Mom told Court to stop, but I guess Court didn't hear. I kept screaming at Courtney and Mom kept telling her to stop. Finally, Mom walked up to Courtney and yelled at her. "You wanna play get the salami! Get the salami!" Mom said, as she dropped the Courtney's slice of salami on the floor. Annie, surprised, froze for a moment before eating the salami. Will stood across the living room, wide-eyed. I thought it was kinda funny looking at Courtney's surprised look. Court tried to make an excuse for why she did what she did. But Mom would hear none of it. I think Courtney learned a lesson that day---NOT to tease Annie!

-Jaime Robinson-

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Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Looks like you've got it on there pretty accurately, Jaime. I just need to add that I was bored, and having Annie chase me around was kind of fun. I had to try to evade Annie but still make sure she was trying to chase me. Also, I was going to reward her for her efforts after I'd had my fun; I always do. I'd 'ave given her a piece. 'Course, Mom gave 'er all of it. Lol, well something to remember. =D