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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Accident on the Road

We just got back from skating, and as we were driving home, we were slowed by an accident up ahead of us to the left. There were so many lights going. Fire trucks and police vehicles were everywhere.

Something really amazing was that there was helicopter hovering right over the road. I believe it was taking someone to the hospital. The markings on it said N36VA (I memorized it).

As we drove by, we saw what had actually happened. There was this trailer truck sitting there. Didn't seem to be really damaged. The damage had been done under the truck. An automobile (just a car) had somehow rammed itself right under the truck. It was horrible! Someone must have survived, however, because the helicopter was flying someone to the hospital when we were still a little ways away.

If any Christians read this, then please pray for those people involved in the accident.


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