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Friday, March 6, 2009


We went sledding down this awesome hill around the block yesterday and the day before. It was sooo fun! The first time especially 'cause we could go faster and farther. Boy, was it fun! And it was really great because it's within walking distance from our house, and there was like nobody there except for some kids who live in the house across from the hill.

They came out to try to sled with some bucket lids and trashcan tops and stuff lol. It didn't work too well, so we just shared our 3 sleds with them. I had to give 1 of the kids, a boy around 7 or 8, my extra pair of gloves 'cause he didn't bring any. Then later when he went in, this girl who was somewhere around 10 or 11 wanted them. It was a good this I brought an extra pair!

For part of the time Will used an old skateboard with no wheels and shoes attached to try to snowboard down the hill. He did pretty good too!

We had alot of fun! Here, I'll post some pictures below. Ugh! Sorry, but the photos might take a while....there are 886 uploading so could be a half and hour or so...oh well, I'll post 'em when they're uploaded and all.

Okay got the pics. Here they are!

Courtney (ME) sledding down the hill.

Will sledding...

Wha' do you know, it's Jaime!

Will using his shoe-attached skateboard snowboard thing to snowboard. (phew)

B-I-G hill. =D

Haha there's one of dad sledding!

From the bottom of the hill.

I've got more pics on Facebook, but these are the good ones. ....And I don't feel like uploading anymore to Blogger... Heheh. 8)


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