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Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's Keep It Simple: Today

We (the family and I) did ALOT today. I'm so worn out....not sleepy...just worn out.

First, we went to Three Lakes Park with the Grims and Madisons. We went to the playground, played tag and all. Then later on we decided to take a walk on the trails. We saw a tree frog, a blue heron, and LOTS of turtles in the water. We kids also did a bit of exploring through the woods. We also took a look around the - what do you call it? - nature....building...thingy. Sorry, I completely forgot what in the world it's called! It'll come back to me...eventually.

Later on, at around 6:00 I believe, we left for the Wassenberg's house. They had invited us over for dinner, and Dad was going to fix their - Dad was going to fix something having to do with heating or air conditioning or something. I don't really know; I didn't pay attention.

I know I had fun. We had a delicious dinner of potato chips and dip. Lol just kidding! We had hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and dip, pasta salad and regular salad, etc. It was good! ....especially the chips and dip...Oh, and the carrot cake was delicious too!

We also did a quite a bit of jumping on the trampoline. I love trampolines! Pretty soon, it was time to go, and everyone went inside. Right before we left, we listened to Alexis play a song on the violin. She did really well! Then as Hannah (I believe it was) began to play the piano, we had to leave. =-(

It's been a loooooong day. Tomorrow is probably going to be a lazy day for me....hopefully...unless somebody wants me to do something (like cut the grass). I'm just going to have to lay low. ;)

(This is probably extremely rambly. Sorry about that.)



One of the Wassenbergs said...

I am glad you enjoyed everything-I did too!! Thankyou for the complement on my violin playing! And, Well I played a song or two On the Piano before you left then hannah played while you were leaving. Hope to see you and your family soon!

HIS Pincess,
Alexis Wassenberg

PS-I Loved your long hair! :D

Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Hope to see you guys soon too! Maybe one day you guys can come over to our house...I dunno.