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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have You Ever....?

Have you ever wanted to leave this world and jump into another where there is only you and God (and possibly animals)....a place where there are no buildings, no people...just trees and plants....a huge wilderness that you could explore without having to care where you were going?

Have you ever wished that you could go to that sanctuary where you could just talk with God, completely alone without any interruptions? I know I have. To examine all the wonderful things God has made, to run freely through the wilderness without a care in the world as to where I was going, climbing trees, examining insects and creatures, to freely talk with God....that would be amazing.

If only I could escape this world and go to that sanctuary for just 5 minutes........



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Yes I think I have...Did you Make that up!? Well, If you did, or if you didn't, I think it is really Neat.

HIS Princess,
Alexis Wassenberg

PS- I Love your Long hair! :D

Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Yes, I wrote that. =)