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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Problem Posting Chapters For My Book

Nevermind! I fixed it. Deleting some of the html code did the trick! =)

Hey, guys. I was trying to post the first 2 chapters of my book, but there seems to be a problem...something about the formatting I think....it has to do with my typing it up on this word program.

I don't want to type it up again....well, I'll figure it out...maybe. All I know is it keeps saying there's something wrong with the html when I try to paste it on Blogger. There seems to be nothing wrong on Facebook....

Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried messing with the html, so I don't know.

The first 2 chapters of my book (A Band of Rogues and Fierce Anger) are on my Facebook page just in case I can't get this working. Hopefully I'll be able to but just in case.


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