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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup (Pictures)

Hey y'all!  Here are the photos from my last post, "Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup".  Enjoy!

 In the back of the car.

Vroom vrooom!!

JJ on the see-saw.  =)

Mikey, honk if you're about to run over someone!!  Sheesh!  Could have warned me, ya know...

Mikey going down his first real slide.  At least, the other ones he went down were kind of little...


I think he looks cute here.  =P

Boo!  =O

So, Mikey, wha's for dinner??  =9

Having a blast on the swings.  =D


Ducks!!  Quack quack!!

Look at the ducks, Mikey!  (He was probably thinking, "Why do I have to hold their hands..?")


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