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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mikey, Dorey Park, and Ketchup

Hey, you guys!!  =D

Guess what we did today.  Yep, we went to Dorey Park.  Mostly for the Mikey man.  Got me some photos too, but I still need to upload them to the computer as of yet.  Well, I DID just get home, so you can't give me too much grief.  =P

After we went to the park, we decided to head out to Mickie D's and meet Dad up for some dinner.  I think it's so cute when Mikey says "chicken noogets" and "fwench fwies".

On the way to Mickie D's, we discovered that Mom had some Swedish Fish in the car (which she had forgotten about, go figure).  

It was pretty funny.  I was counting up the candy out loud.  We got 10 per person.  So I was like "1, 2....7, 8, 9...", then all of a sudden Mikey goes "10!!".  Haha!

Pretty soon, we arrived at the restaurant.  Restaurant...ha!  Sounds funny saying that about MacDonalds.  But maybe it shouldn't...?  I don't know...

At any hoot, we ordered our food.  I got me some chicken "noogets".  And...of course I managed to embarrass myself by accidentally dipping 3 of my fingers in ketchup while reaching for my nuggets.

Yeah, I was kind of like...what is thisss???  I couldn't really see the ketchup so...my fingers just kind of dove into it.  O.o

Later, after I had manage to wipe every last blob of ketchup off my fingers and out of my nails (GROSS!), I made my french fries walk around to entertain Mikey.  Then, of course, I got scolded for teaching Mikey to play with his food.  Lol.  =P

It was kind of funny when Mikey put his french fry on the table and called it a "snake!  Sssss..!".  

When dinner was finished, the parents of pure awesomeness decided to get us some fudge sundaes.  Dad didn't want his nuts so I gladly took them off his hands....well, they were actually out of the bag, but I think you know what I mean.

Then I kind of thought it might be a bit boring for Mikey to just sit there and eat "Aun' Missy's" ice cream, so I gave him some of the lids to play with.  

He stacked 'em on top each other...and then started shooting them everywhere!!  And umm...Mom's ice cream was thrown into her lap.  Luckily though, it didn't spill out, so there was no mess.

Besides all that...we did the "What do the Illithids do?"  That's a little something I made up.  I got it from a fantasy book.  

The Illithids, also known as Mind Flayers, are magical creatures with octopus heads.  It's kind of disgusting what they do.  You can probably guess anyways, so I won't say.

Any hoot, what I do is put my hands in front of my face, wiggle my fingers while making a sound by wiggling my tongue, and put my hands around his head and vibrate them a little.  He loves it!  =D

Well, guess that's about it.  Should be uploading some Dorey Park pictures one of these'm days.  Over and out!



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hey Courtney!

Nice to hear from you again - you disappeared on me! :)

Could you email me your wordpress link (blog)? I lost the email (it probably got deleted before I saved it) and had not read the last paragraph of the Calvinsim stuff yet.

Also, on your facebook picture...is your hair braided? IT looks nice! :)

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

Courtney or Jaime said...

Hey Kimber!

Actually, I had written you back a long time ago. I was wondering why you didn't write back. Lol. Maybe lost the email or something..?

Sure thing.

Thanks! =)

Yeah, it's braided. Jaime's been practicing different hairdos on me, and I kind of liked that one so I kept it in.