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Monday, July 12, 2010

Contacts For Courtney

Guess what?!  Forget about guessing; I'll just tell you.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor.  I haven't been in about 5 years, so...  Yeah, it's been a while.

They ran through all the tests and told me that my eyes had hardly changed at all.  They also said that my eyes would be perfect for contacts.

 The man who examined my eyes had actually offered me tinted contacts in the case that I wanted to change my eye color, and although I really like blue eyes, I figured getting those kind of contacts would be like trying to be something I'm not.

Not to mention, God made me who I am, and I wouldn't want to change that.  And so, I went with the clear contacts.  =)

Once the man had finished checking my eyes, he sent me to this lady who showed me how to put my contacts in.  I thought it'd be kind of hard to get them in, but it was a snap!  =D

The lady was all like, "I love you...  You're so easy.  Some people take hours...."

Once I got my contacts in, the lady told me all about how to take care of them and gave me a bag with some starter supplies.

I also picked out new glasses while we were in there.  They're different than the ones I have right now, but they aren't bad.

Took me a while to pick 'em out though.  The lady kept giving me all these different pairs of glasses, most of which looked really WEIRD on me.  O.o

I'm pretty happy with the ones I picked out though...  And I'm ESPECIALLY happy about the contacts.  I've been waiting YEARS for these things!!

I can hardly even feel they're there.  It's almost like I can just automatically see.  =)

Well, I guess that's it for now.  Later!


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