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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lincoln Log Fun

Hello, it's me, Jaime, again!  A couple weeks ago, I got extremely bored, sooooo....I tore out the lincoln logs!  I had actually been helping Mom rake leaves when I hit a nerve in my hand and three of my fingers decided to stop working correctly.  So, I came inside and tried to built a little neighborhood with lincoln logs.  Is that what you call them?  Lincoln logs?  I don't know.  But anyway.  Gradually, my fingers regained their feeling and stopped feeling hot and such.  So here are a few pics of what I built.  Yes, on occasion, when I'm bored, I do attempt to play with "toys", though I typically become bored within ten minutes.  ANYWAY...

This is the doctor's office...See the bloody blanket my sister made?  :)
Here is the school.  It was a little crowded, but oh well.  :)
Here is the mercantile, store, whatcha ma call it.  ;)  See the organization?!  I know, I'm weird.  ;)
The sheriff department is on the second story, and the poor people shelter is below.  Closely examine the roof.... ;)
Here is a random house that I like.  It has a cool little gate around the front yard, and is right beside the mercantile. 
And here...is the poor indian's jail cell.  :(  I know, it seems racist.  I am actually not AT ALL racist.  I believe all people, no matter color or race, are equal in the sight of God.  Moving on...
This is the lumberman's house on the "hill" (more of a cliff).  He lives here with his dog, who stays in the "lean to".  :)
Here is most of the town, so you can see the layout.  
And the another part.
And the doctor's office was built kind of parallel to the braces on my end table.  On the far left is the school and house...  :) (:

Ha...Anyway, I know this was random, a little boring, etc.  But, yeah...I just felt like posting.  Unfortunately, my sister deleted at least five of my pictures of different things I made.  :(  Booohooo... *wipes a tear*.  Well, that's why I'm getting a camera for Christmas (hopefully).  Until next time,


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