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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sniff Sniff...Ahhh....Christmas is in the air...And my new camera!

Hello everyone!  I know I'm really not posting very often, but anyway.  Christmas is in the air!  My family really doesn't do much of anything for Christmas, but I still look forward to this time of the year.  We don't do stockings, a tree, or lights.  We do, however, typically set up a small nativity that our friends made us and we still exchange gifts (we kids do "Dollar Tree Christmas shopping").  Guess what?!  Never mind, don't guess.  I'll tell you.  My dad, out of the blue, decided that today he would take me to get a digital camera!  AND--I got one!  It is very similar to my sister's, just a little smaller, shinier, etc.  Also, it has that zoom thing on the button used to take pictures rather than buttons for the zoom.  Haha...I know that's confusing.  :)

So it's a Nikon COOLPIX (I don't know what info I'm supposed to give you, so I'm reading off the box :) S3000.  It's 12.0 megapixels, 2.7 LCD, 4x wide camera.  You camera type people might understand all that.  :)  It came with a strap, rechargeable battery, charging adapter, USB cable, audio video cable, software, quick start guide, user's manual, and warranty and registration card.  Phew...Yeah, so I'm really excited!  We got all this stuff at our local Best Buy.  It was about $110.00 which, though expensive to me, is actually quite cheap for a camera like this one.  :)

We also, however, had to get a camera case (I told Dad I could wait for my birthday, but he said he would buy me one now) and memory card.  So, after all this, it cost about $140.00--probably the most expensive gift I ever got!  Thanks Dad!!  Your the greatest!

So, hopefully I'll post some pictures of my camera (haha, that's sound funny) as soon as I'm allowed to open it.  Until next time, I remain...

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