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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today's "To Do" List

So, today, I set my alarm for 9:00 a.m.  Then, when I (Jaime) heard the alarm go off, I turned it off and, as usual, fell back asleep for about an hour.  So started my day.  Then, I did my Saturday "Room Cleaning" job which took about two hours as I was being more thorough than usual, dusting my baseboards, fan, the trim on my door and closet, as well as my bookshelf, dresser, and end table.  Then, I vacuumed everything, shifting the smaller furniture in my room back, and forth, and back again.  Anyway, enough with that...

Then, me, Mom, and Will went to Dollar Tree to do our "Dollar Tree Christmas Shopping".  Every year for the past few years, we kids (me, Will, and Courtney) have bought presents for everyone in our family (dog(s) included).  It's a cheap way for us to have the joy of seeing their happy expressions upon opening presents!  Our parents, of course, buy us a few things (depending on prices).  We don't have a Christmas tree, and do very little for Christmas anyway, so the gifts are typically on a shelf, mantle, etc.  Courtney wasn't feeling at all well today, so Dad will have to take her another day to do her shopping.  I've already wrapped a few of my gifts for the fam, which I always do.  :)  I always get so excited, I can't possibly wait!

Well, I have to help Mom figure something out for dinner, and I'm hoping to cut out the pieces for a gored (panelled) Christmas skirt I've wanted to make for a while now.  Hopefully a picture post will be coming soon (as soon as I get things in order).  Feel free to go to my other blog.  The link is in the previous post.  Until next time, I remain,


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