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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Courtney's Poems

Dancing Chance Has Ants
By Courtney Robinson

There once was a man named Chance

Who, everyone knew, could dance

When asked how he learned,

He just elvis turned

And said, "There are ants in my pants."

Frightened Ficklebard
By Courtney Robinson

The Sneaters fight bravely; the sneaters fight hard

Except for one Sneater, young Ficklebard.

Ficklebard stands watching, totally in a fright

Until a Snickerbob attacks him, and he wins the fight.

Land of the Canines
By Courtney Robinson

Dogs ride by me on their trikes.

Amazing that they could ride the little bikes.

I look towards the skate park and what do I see?

Even the puppies skateboard better than me.

A group of skating dogs zoom past.

How could they go so very fast?

Cars drive by, and who is driving?

In each car a barking canine.

What's going on?

The dogs even mow the lawn.

The human catcher sees me without a leash.

Here he comes, oh sheash.

As his net comes down upon me, I scream,

But then I wake up; it was only a dream.

By Courtney Robinson

Tiny creatures scrounge for crumbs.

They see my sub and beg like bums.

Laughing at the specks, I squash them with my thumbs.

Booming drums could be heard all around.

A fleet like pepper attack my ground.

I helplessly struggle to get away,

But these pepper-like soldiers hold me down.

The bugs tediously work, carrying the sub piece by piece.

I laugh and laugh at them,

Until finally they gag me with a stem.

A whistle blew.

And immediately a crew

Of body-building creatures like pepper corns

March in with booming horns.

Together they lift the sub without a struggle.

I giggled inside, thinking of them trying to push

The sub into their hole by the bush.

But to my disappointment I found

That they weren't trying to shove it in the ground.

Instead they gathered all of the colony

To enjoy a picnic of my precious sub with the greatest salami.

The Leaf
By Courtney Robinson

The leaf leaped off the tree,

Determined to be free.

As it glided to the ground,

It observed with a frown,

The grass was covered in dead leaves.

Fearsome Flannel
By Courtney Robinson

It came alive today, it did.

The Fearsome Flannel flew at me.

I ran and hid behind a tree,

But Fearsome Flannel wasn't deceived.

I started to run, but then I saw

That Fearsome Flannel wasn't fearsome at all.

The Bible
By Courtney Robinson

The Bible is a double-edged sword.

It dubs the righteous,

And pierces the wicked.

Life does it bring to those who obey,

Yet death will it give to the disobedient.

All who bear this sword undergo persecution,

But he who perseveres shall never see death.

So snatch up your sword, read it,

And destroy the enemy's work.


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