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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today Little One, one of my 3 lovebirds, got her beak caught in between the bars of her cage. She (and even the other birds, her parents) started freaking out. Mom, Jaime, and I took off for my room as soon as we heard her screeching. She must have stuck her beak through the bars of her cage and then twisted it, so that it was stuck fast.

She, Little One (her real name is Faithful if you care to know. I nicknamed her Little One when she was a baby) was flapping her wings everywhere and screeching bloody murder! We pulled the cage over in order to get to where she was stuck and in the process knocked my lava lamp to the floor on top of my radio. When that happened the button to open it was clicked and the top opened. Luckily nothing was broken during all this.

We were all too worried about Little One to notice any of this. Finally Mom bent one of the bars back, and Little One was freed. What a relief! Little One was a little bruised and bled a bit above her beak, but other than that, she's fine. We just hope she doesn't get an infection or anything.



Thomas said...

Hey, I had never known you had a blog all this time. Hope everyone's doing well (including animals), and hopefully we will see you next Thursday!

Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Yeah, we do. =) We're all doing fine as well as the animals. Little One's healing up great - can't even really tell she got hurt now.

Btw, Jaime's birthday is coming up on Monday. She'll be 11. We'll probably celebrate Sunday though, since we have school on Monday.

And yeah, we're going skating Thursday.


Ps: sorry if my writing is a bit rambly. See ya Thursday!

Thomas said...

Well I'm late, but happy birthday Jaime, and glad to here everyone's well.

See you Thursday,