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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trimming Annie's Mile Long Nails

Annie, much to her dismay, had to get her nails trimmed today. She absolutely hates it. Of course, I'm sure she likes it better than getting a bath. She shivered and kept trying to squirm away. Will had to hold her to keep her still. Here are some pictures below.

Can you tell she's nervous?


Attempting to squirm away.

Uh-oh here it comes!

Not my back feet!

Ahhh! Torture! Lemme GO!

How embarrassing... No pictures!


Annie managed to knock Will over and escape to....

The couch! I'm on base; you can't get me now!

...Or maybe you can....

I'm done. To the kitchen for my treat!

Excited! (she gets like this after a bath too)

This isn't a squat; I'm running!

Treat please!


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