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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden and Pickles


Our garden is starting to produce. I don't think I wrote about the garden yet, so I'll just sum it up right here. A few weeks ago (I think), I took some pictures of our garden. The tomato plants grew huge and so did the cucumber plants. Mom and I pruned the tomato plants because they were too crowded and not getting enough sun. As we were doing it, we found the first of the red tomatoes. We had quite a bit of cherry tomatoes. We've had alot of cucumbers. We've eaten about five or six now and we made about eight into pickles. Well, they're turning into pickles. But that's another story. Our cantaloupe plants have gone crazy though they're not producing yet. The strawberry plants are doing fine—but we're not getting anything from them. Thieving squirrels! So far we got about two or three strawberries that the squirrels didn't find. We can thank the cantaloupe plants for that. We also have a few cantaloupes growing (that we know of). Right now it looks more like a watermelon though. :) Well, here are some pictures of the garden.

Cherry tomatoes
This is my favorite tomato picture
A pepper
Mini cucumbers
Bigger cucumbers
A vine
Another vine
Strawberries. I like this picture because it shows
the strawberries in three different stages.
Two cantaloupes
One of the bigger cantaloupes
The biggest cantaoupeThe whole garden
My attempt at getting a picture of a bee in a flower.

Just so you know, this was from several weeks ago. Everything is alot bigger now. *Phew* That took alot of time. Well that's a pretty good summary of the garden. Now for the pickles.....


A few days ago, Mom and I made pickles. It was a first experience because last year we didn't grow cucumbers. We found a recipe for pickles and started slicing cucumbers. After putting those in jars and putting some dill leaves in with the slices, we started making the, what do you call it, marinade? Pickle juice? Something like that..... We poured the marinade pickle juice stuff in the jars and screwed on the lids. Now we have to wait about a month before eating them. After a couple of days of sitting on the counter, though, they already smelled like pickles. A wonderful smell..... Anyway, here are some of the pictures I got.

The cucumbers
The sliced cucumbers
Mom putting cucumber slices into a jar
The filled jar
Four jars of pickles
Same from a different view
Six jars of pickles

Well, that's all for the garden and pickles. We tried some of the pickles. They were really good! Well, hope you enjoyed the post or at least the pictures.



One of the Wassenbergs said...


I didn't konw you all had a garden!! You never told me!!

I hope your family is doing well!!

We are currantly canning Green Beans and such our garden is REALLY prouducing! You will see a post on that soon- you know how big our gardens are!


His Princess.

PS-You don't take the summer off do you? Mommy always attempts to do school..but if something comes up (like today-the canning and picking of greenbeans) she donsen't bother with school. we are actually doing school for the first time in the summer! :( Any way just wanted to ask! ttyl!

Courtney, Jaime, and Will said...

Hey Lexi!

Hope you (and family) are doing well!

Yes we do have a garden. Me and Courtney had to give away a bag of cucumbers today. We had too many!

Yes, we are still doing some school. Reading and Greek right now.


Your Friend Forever,