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Monday, June 8, 2009

Todays Big Story: Gone for a Walk


Today, Will took Annie (our pitbull) outside and left for a few minutes to do something. Next thing you know, he goes back outside, and she's not there. So we, me, Will, and Jaime, start searching for her everywhere. (Mom was at the dentist.)

Then Will and Jaime start getting all frantic. They take off around the block in search of her. Not halfway around the block, they find her with some black guys.

Well, as soon as they got her home, Annie, through me, starts explaining that she was just taking a walk, and that she figured she was plenty old enough to go by herself. She also told them about her new friends.

Jaime and Will, though, didn't think it was funny. (Too serious about things!) I also made the "you give her an inch, and she takes a mile" comment because yesterday we let Annie come out to the edge of the yard by the road and today she started to go around the block. Of course, she only really made it 1/16th of a mile, but you know....


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