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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Love - What is love?

What is love? So many people today obviously don't have a clue. Love isn't just a feeling. Love isn't just words; it is what we do. Love is giving up for someone else. Love giving 100% when the other person is only giving 50. Love is giving all you have to serve the other person even if they hate your guts. Love is telling those in danger that they are in danger!

Jesus is the perfect example of love. When Jesus gave Himself up to be sacrificed for the world (wicked sinners) on the cross, He gave us the perfect example of love. We murdered Him, we killed Him. By our sin we killed Him! He didn't have to die. He could of just simply tossed us all into Hell, but He, being a merciful and loving God, decided to give us a chance.

He allowed His murderers to spit in His face. He allowed Himself to be made a mockery in front of everyone. And not once through it all did He speak a word. The only thing He ever spoke was what was spoken in silence: I love you. By His death, by His giving up Himself for a selfish, pleasure loving, sinful people, He told us that He loved us!

This is what love is! It's not just a word. It's not lust. It's giving up yourself for someone else. Jesus gave Himself up for you. Can you do the same for someone else? There are so many ways to give yourself up for others. Stop being selfish. Give up self for others. Give up self for God.


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