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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Prayer Of A Girl Following Jesus

Dear Lord,

Thank you for everything you've given to me. Thank you for my wonderful family and my Mom who faithfully teaches me more and more about you. You truly have used her to lead me closer to you. Thank you also for your Word, and that in this country we still can read it. Thank you also for spilling your blood on that cross for me. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, please forgive me for all the wrong I do. Forgive me for letting my tongue get out of hand and hurting people with my words. Oh Lord, I have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut! Help me, please help me, to do better. Lord, help me not to fight over every little thing. I don't know why I do these stupid things that I do. Help me to change. And help me to be a servant and to humble myself. Help me to be able to give up things that I want so that others can have what they want. Give me patience and all the fruits of the Spirit that I am lacking. Lord, I need so much help!

Lord God, show me where I'm going wrong, and put me where I need to be. Change me according to Your will. I want only to serve You because I know that if I serve Self, then I will end up in Hell. Either serve Self (in other words, Satan) or God. I choose you, Lord! Let Your will be done in my life! If I try to take control of my own life, I'll only end up in a ditch (Hell). You take the wheel! Lead me.

Jesus, give me wisdom! Don't let me stay a fool for the rest of my life. I am a fool! Give me wisdom! I want to be wise in all that I do! Help me not to be foolish but, rather, wise.

Help me not to ever turn away from You, Lord. Help me to walk the straight and narrow path, and, though I may trip and fall sometimes, help me to get right back up and continue following after You. Help me not to turn to the righthand or to the left. Help me when I fight the temptations that come. Give me the strength I need when I need it. Help me not to ever give in to Satan!

God, I despise sin! I hate it, and I hate when I do it! Sin is what kills a person. It is what will drag a person down to Hell, if they continue in it. God, help me to fight it, and put all my heart into fighting it!

Help me to be a witness for you. Help me to show people that sin will lead them to eternal damnation in Hell if they do not repent of it and turn away from it. Help me to reveal to people what sin really is. You can't play with fire and not get burned! Sin is the pathway to death! Sin is what this is all about! Sin...I can't wait until I'm sinLESS.

Lord God, help those people who don't truly know you (though they may think they do) to come to know you. Help them to see that they are sinners and in great danger of Hell. Help them to see that we don't witness just to put them down. We witness because we truly care about their souls. We don't want them to be damned to Hell; we want to see them in Heaven rejoicing!

Lord, please help other Believers who are going through all sorts of different things. Hard times, difficulties, persecutions, sickness, You know what they're going through. Please give them the strength they need to get through it. Comfort them. Encourage them. Help them in any way that You choose, Lord. And help them to follow you through it all.

As for the unbelievers who are going through things, use their difficulties to help them to come to know You truly. Show them Yourself through it all.

Please, God, help the truth seekers to find you through whatever means possible. Reveal Yourself to them. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life as John 14:6 says. What a powerful verse! You are the Way. One Way, Jesus. You are the Truth. You are Truth! Life. The only way to truly live is through You, Lord. You give us Life. You are our Life! Powerful verse.

Jesus, please protect our minds. Keep wicked thoughts away from us. Help us to dwell on pure things. (Philippians 4:8) Help us to continue, also, to seek after You in all things, not neglecting to study Your Word. After all, Your Word is what keeps us alive. Anyone not reading Your Word (who has access to the Scriptures) and putting it into practice is NOT a true believer. A true believer wants to know You, not just spout off all their problems before they go to bed at night. I want to follow You, Lord!

If I've missed anything, then I pray for that also. May the righteous be blessed, and may Your name be proclaimed throughout the world! Thank You, Lord.

Amen and may Your will be done in my life and throughout the world!

-Courtney Robinson-

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