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Friday, April 16, 2010

Shuffle Board Slide

I went to the community center around the block today with Jaime. It was pretty...righteous!! (Almost said "awesome"... =P) We found some little bottles and filled them up with water which we dumped all over the shuffle board. Then we went sliding across it!! XD

We made it out alive with only a few minor injuries.  I think we both fell about 3 times each.  The first time I slipped was the worst...  Slammed my hip right on the soaking wet shuffle board. DX

But it was cool.  First I slipped and hit my right hip, then my left hip and shoulder, then...I fell flat on my bottom.  Still, I think I made the "BEST SLIDE EVER"!!!  And I beat Jaime. =D

Oh yeah!  And I thought it was pretty funny at the water fountain.  I got this random idea to spit my water all over Jaime just because she wouldn't be ready for it....  It was quite a surprise, I think!!  XD

She ended up getting me back later though.  =P 


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One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hey this is Kimber...just a quick comment asking if you (Courtney) got my email. With the way our email works, I wasn't sure! :) No rush if you have, but I just wanted to make sure you had gotten it.
Kimber :)