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Friday, December 17, 2010

Update For the Last Few Months

Hello!!  Nobody probably reads this blog anymore...Sorry for not posting except every few months!  I'm awful, I know.  I didn't mean to lie by saying I'd post "Jewelry Making Part 2" soon, I really meant to, but then everything in my life went topsy turvy...

First off, my sister is wanting to get married in a year and four months (approximately), so my mom is trying to prepare her for that responsibility...

Then, my family, no longer going to "church", has joined a home church/organic church type of group, and it has kept us really busy.  Some of the people can get irritating sometimes, but that's anywhere.

Next is what has probably affected me most...Alexis Wassenberg.  She is the very best friend in the entire world, and I love her SO MUCH.  We only live about 30 minutes away from each other (she is in the country, but I am in the suburbs), yet for some reason, we only saw each other about three times this year (all within the last few months).  It makes me so sad, and I miss her so much... God's ways are higher than ours, though, so I guess He knows what He's doing.  :)

Fourth, my Aunt Beque has discovered that my twelve year old cousin, Rebekah, has epilepsy.  She, therefore, has seizures.  Aunt Beque is rather upset, needless to say.  I ask you to please, PLEASE pray fervently that God would either heal Rebekah, or at least use this to draw her and her mother closer to Him.  

Next, growing up is hard!  Yeesh...I always said "I can't wait till I'm older and can do..."...But now...Well, it's rather difficult that my sister and brother are changing so much.  Me and my brother used to do EVERYTHING together, and I mean everything!  Now, our interests have changed, and as he grows into a young man, I grow into a young woman.  Same with my sister.  She's growing up, and spends most of her time conversing with her hope-to-be future husband...Ah well, 'tis the price of growing up.  :)  HE knows what's best.  :) (:

Now that you know what's going on, this is what I did today:

  1. Got up, washed face, ate breakfast, all that good stuff...
  2. After lazing around for a little while, I made pizza for lunch...
  3. While eating lunch, I looked at some older posts at my favorite blog, Solid Rock Ranch Updates.
  4. Then I took pictures for a blog post I hope to do on my other blog--A Princess In Purity.
  5. Then I did a little school after a late start...
  6. After that, I probably lazed around more, it being a rather nasty day, and me being quite tired.
  7. After that I did the Friday chore, cleaning the bathroom...Not the funnest job in the world, though I do enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes over me when I finish.  :)
  8. After that, me, my brother, and my mom went to pick up Chinese for dinner while our dad entertained our friend, Philip.  
  9. After that, obviously, came dinner...
  10. Then cleanup...
  11. And then I made Chocolate chip cookies for the family!  They were tasty, and Philip enjoyed them.  :)
  12. While eating cookies, we watched A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Phil fell asleep several times during the movie.  :)
  13. Toward the end of the movie, I got tired myself, and decided to come into my bedroom and write up this post.  :)  After this, I will probably read my Bible, possibly read a book for a few minutes (doubtable), then go to bed.  
So ends my day.  I know this isn't all that interesting, there being no pictures and all.  My dad agreed to get me a digital camera for my Birthday, so then I won't have to borrow my sister's, take pictures, find her cord to hook it to the probably "in use" computer, upload her pictures and mine, sort through all the pics, and then do a post.  I will have my OWN camera, so I can always know where everything is, and have only MY pictures (typically) to upload.  Ah, the peacefulness of the idea.  :)  Until next time,



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hey Jaime,

We still read your blog, no worries! And Alexis misses you too!

I hope Courtney's doing okay. I emailed her a few weeks ago and she hasn't emailed back yet. Tell her I said "hi", if you don't mind!

As a random note, a friend of ours went hunting on our property today and killed a 7-point buck. He's skinning him right now! I was so excited, because I have been praying for awhile for him (and/or Daddy and one of our other friends) to get a deer!

Well, I hope you have a great day today! Thanks for all the comments you leave on our blog...I love reading them!

In Christ,
Kimber :)

Courtney or Jaime said...

Hello Kimber,

Thanks for still reading the blog! If I were you, I probably would've lost hope for this blog by now!

Courtney is alright, a bit sick to her stomach today. Prayers would be appreciated! She's been busy, but she says she is hoping and planning to write you back sometime this weekend. :)

Congrats to your friend! Popsy (my dad :) went hunting today, but sadly, came home deer-less. :( Oh well.

Have a great--uhhh--night! Hope to see you soon, and happy belated Bithday!

In Him Alone,

Congrats to your friend.