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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ragdolls

My name is Jaime. I'm ten years old and crafts is what I like doing most. On July 23 I made a rag doll with the help of my mom. She made the pattern and cut out the pieces of material and I sewed the doll together and stuffed it. I think it was the cutest thing I ever sewed. Me and Court, with mom's help, also made two smaller dolls. I hope to make many more dolls and give them away to family and friends. See picture of dolls below.

-Jaime Robinson-

1 comment:

Alexis (Lexi) said...

Hi Jaime,
That Ragdoll with the Light Brown hair Looks Like YOU!!! (In a GOOD way!!!)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Alexis (lexi)