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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Old School Memories

Memories.......it always seems like the old times were the greatest times in my life......I wonder if everyone feels like that.....hmm...Well anyway, I'd better get on with it.

Well let's start with kindergarten. I got my first 2 marriage proposals in kindergarten lol. A white kid behind me and a black kid in front of me both asked if I would marry them. I, not really wishing to be married at 5, just smiled at them. I remember I used to be so afraid to even ask if I could use the bathroom. For a while in the school year I wouldn't even ask....I'd just wait until I got home. Luckily I conquered my fear before the school year was over. Hmmm....Oh I remember in kindergarden when when it was bring-your-stuffed-animal-to-school day. I brought my big stuffed dog to school wearing my power ranger pjs.....lol....yea, a girl next to me named Sarah just looked at me and smiled. I looked back at her and said, "What!!!" Grrr she made me angry, looking at me like I was some little kid........

1st and 2nd grade were both great. I had Ms. Mead for a teacher both years. I remember a kid who just annoyed me. I forget his name. He just annoyed me just because of the way he was. He really didn't do anything but.....Anyway one time I took his backpack and put it in the girls restroom behind the door. He some how found out it was me. He wasn't mad though. In fact, he just laughed. Oh, I remember this kid, Carlos, his breath always smelled of sour milk....guess he drank too much of it. He used to let his pants fall down way low. I really don't see how anyone thinks that that's cool. I mean, what is it?? Showing off your undies?? Anyway, I remember the time we were all walking in a line to gym class. I was right behind him. Well, as we all entered the gymnasium, his pants fell right down to the floor!! He had to quick grab them before anyone else saw. Show this to anyone who thinks showing off there undies is cool!!!

When I was in first grade, I met this girl named Kim. We became friends after I gave her my jello. I remember the time we were at the computers. She was right beside me. When she stood up to say something to someone, I pulled her chair back, so that when she sat down, she sat down on the floor. I know, it was a mean thing to do, but it was so funny. When she sat back, she ended up sitting on the floor. She didn't think it was funny, but I started cracking up.

I met my best friend Paige in 1st grade, I think. We're still good friends to this day, though we don't talk all that much since I'm now homeschooled and she's public schooled. I've never had a better friend than Paige. We've never even had a fight before, a few disagreements maybe, but nothing serious. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, after my class had lunch and my brother, Will's, class was coming in to eat, me and Will would always give each other high fives. I felt like I was so cool, giving my brother a high five.

Nothing much interesting happened in 3rd grade. I had my teacher Ms. Capers. Oh I remember something! Ms. Capers was friends with another teacher. I don't remember her name, but she was so funny. She'd talk all fast and drew daisies all over the chalk board. There was this kid Elijah in my class. He was the only one who tried and liked my honey mustard pretzels that I would bring sometimes. Any time I brought them he'd come over and ask me for some. I'd always give him a handfull. Mmm I love honey mustard pretzels...

This was also the year I was introduced to evolution. Now, I'm a Christian and my family's always been the type that believed that Christianity was the true religion rather than any other religion, although at one time they weren't truly following Christ. Well, at this time I didn't really understand everything, so when they introduced me to this caveman junk I just kind of took it in even though I believed that God created everything. I really didn't understand. All I was really interested in was making fun of the caveman pictures.

Mom started homeschooling us kids when I got to 4th grade. Now I didn't really have my friends with me, but I sure did learn alot more! From 4th grade and up, Mom's been homeschooling us. Even without all our friends, we still had good times. History was the most fun subject I think. We made a timeline for 2 different years, and every time we learned about someone or something, we would draw a picture of it and put it on our timeline. It really was fun. Once we wrapped up my little sister, Jaime, with toilet paper to make her look like a mummy for history class. Oh yeah, and starting homeschooling also brought us to find the greatest gym class ever.

We started Tae Kwon Do after attending the homeschooler's electives at our old church. In fact only yesterday, me (Courtney), Will, and Jaime tested for new belts. Me and Will tested for our black belts. Jaime tested for her red belt. It took me and Will about 5 years to finally get our black belts but it was sure worth it! But let's not leave out Jaime, she's worked just as hard as we have, maybe not so many years but she's done very well! Well, enough about TKD! That's something for another blog post. Well I suppose I'm done; I hope you all enjoy this.

-Courtney Robinson-

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