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Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Little Poems I Wrote

The Spiritual Race

By: Jaime Robinson

If once you're in the race,
Running at a steady pace,
Don't get slowed by sin,
But run the race and win!


By: Jaime Robinson

We have been reborn,
No longer torn.
Like a child we grow and grow,
Though we learn quite slow.

The Marriage of Larry

By: Jaime Robinson

There once was a mouse,
Who was fat as a house,
And could barely fit into his hole.
His name was Larry,
And he was quite merry,
'Till his girlfriend married a mole.

Then he was sad,
And he felt very bad,
Until he got a clue.
He lost some weight,
Went on a date,
And he married a girl named Lou.

The Mainean Mariner Malfunctions

By: Jaime Robinson

There once was a man from Maine,
Who boated in the rain.
He tried to catch krill,
But instead caught a chill,
And went home in terrible pain.

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Alexis (lexi) said...

WOW Jaime!! you are a very good poet!!!

I am glad you are my (BEST)friend!!



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