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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Chase (Poem)

This is just a little poem I wrote for my language assignment.

The Chase
By: Jaime Robinson

Mouse sticks his nose out of his hole,
While Kitten scratches at her pole.
Mouse stealthily creeps beneath the bed,
But he's so tall, he bumps his head.
Bang! Outloud, Mouse screams, "Ouch!"
And scrambles for cover beneath the couch.
Kitten hears the "ouch" and turns her head,
To see Mouse running to the bed.
Mouse knows that he will bump his head,
On the wooden frame of the wooden bed.
He swerves to the right,
And out of Kitten's sight.
But Kitten can't stop and bumps her head,
On the wooden frame of the wooden bed.

-Jaime Robinson-

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