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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five More Dolls

Not to long ago my mom told me how much her mom (my grandma) liked dolls. She said I should make her one. She said I could also make one for some other family members. So I started to to cut out the pieces soon after that. Then I thought that maybe I could give the dolls to them for Christmas. I would have to make five; one for each of my aunts and one for each of my grandmas. Well, sadly, I haven't been making them so I will have to work probably every day on them to get them done on time. I've already sewn two of the dolls faces by hand but I still have a long way to go. One of my grandmas sews and made some dolls for my mom when my mom was a kid so I know I have to have a doll for her ready on Christmas. If I can't make them all on time I want to at least have a doll for each grandma. My mom is working on a quilt so I have to wait my turn on the sewing machine. But she's making the quilt for me so I'll wait my turn! The reason the dolls take a long time is because you have to cut out the pieces, sew the face by hand (which is hard because you have to think about if the eyes are going to turn out to far to the side when you finish sewing it etc), sew a seam on the legs and arms leaving a space to stuff it at the end, then sew those on the bodice, after which you stuff it and sew up the holes left before for the stuffing. When you FINALLY finish that you have to sew yarn on the head for hair which takes time and patience. Well that is what I have to do in a few month's time. Well my mom isn't all that much better off. She's going to sew clothes for all five dolls. I hope I can finish them but while I still have time I'm going to work on the dolls!

-Jaime Robinson-

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