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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quarter Collection/Coin Collection

My Quarter Collection {Those are my pajama pants in the background lol}

I've been collecting for a long time now. If you're interested in seeing some of the quarters I've collected over the years, there are some photos below. Check it out!

Besides my quarter collection, I have a few other coins as well, such as: a Swahili nickel, a gold dollar, a silver dollar, a fifty cent piece, 5 different American nickels, an American penny with a different face than other pennies, and 3 different English pennies. Photos are shown below.

Swahili Nickel Front

Swahili Nickel Back

Gold Dollar

Silver Dollar and Fifty Cent Piece (or silver half dollar)

Five Different American Nickels

American Penny With A Different Face

English Penny:1

English Penny: 2

English Penny: 3

I don't know if this goes with what I'm writing about but.... I also have some fools gold (iron pyrite) that I got in North Carolina at around age 7. {The larger 3 larger pieces of fools gold came from a place called Tweety's Railroad}


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