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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Some Cool Websites

If you are looking for some free songs to listen to, I know of a website that has tons of free songs. Of course, it doesn't have only Christian songs. It also has some songs that aren't Christian. But, over all it's a very cool website. You can't make cds or anything, but you can listen to songs on the internet. Also, you can make your own playlist if you sign in on the website. If you want to go to the website, hear is a link. songza.com/

My sister has a miniature website that has some of her favorite things on it. It's not a very big website because she didn't pay to make it. She found out about a website called freewebs.com that helps you make a website without paying money. She first wanted to make puppet shows to preach about God. (She got a video camera for her birthday or Christmas, I can't remember which it was.) Well, she didn't have anything for her to stand behind when she did the puppets. Finally, she got a puppet stand thing, (I can't remember what it is called at the moment. lol), but she just never got around to making shows. So, her website only has videos, games, and such things. If you want you can go to the website. I don't know if Courtney already told about it but hear's a link. stealthy2843.webs.com

Have a nice day! :-)

-Jaime Robinson-

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