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Friday, November 21, 2008

How Potato Chips Came Into Existence

Just a little summary I did for my Creative Writing assignment...

How Potato Chips Came Into Existence

By: Jaime Robinson

Although potato chips were first made just to please a diner at a restaurant, who didn't like "French-fried potatoes," they soon became an American favorite. George Crum was making French-fried potatoes and one of the diners at his restaurant considered the French-fried potatoes far too thick, so Crum made more that were noticeably thinner, but they also weren't to the diner's liking. Finally, Crum made more that were as thin as paper, and the diner loved the crispness, and so others also ordered them. They were added to Crum's menu and were soon packaged and sold throughout America. In the 1920s, Herman Lay traveled and sold these chips, and so came into existence the brand "Lay's Potato Chips." Crum was the one who invented the first potato chips to please the diner at his restaurant, and now potato chips are one of America's favorite snack products.

-Jaime Robinson-

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