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Monday, November 10, 2008


Dreams.....It's strange that even while you're sleeping your brain is still working. Dreams work in the strangest of ways. For instance, you may have one dream where everything is like a play or a skit and you can redo the scenes in your dream, whereas, you may have dreams where everything seems very real, dreams where you are running for your life, being kidnapped, etc.

I've had many different kinds of dreams. I've dreamt that I was a completely different person; I've dreamt dreams where I'm me one minute and someone else the next. I've dreamt of bugs living in my skin that only came out when I got hot (particularly when I was in bed under the covers). Weird! I've even dreamt of places that had bathrooms that had toilets and sinks strewn hopelessly around the room without stalls or anything.

One time I dreamed that my old school teacher, Ms. Mead who was my teacher in 1st & 2nd grade, was into strange, mystical ideas (If you get my meaning). We had, in my dream, driven over to her "house" after she (and some other lady in the cult) had invited us over to discuss religious beliefs. Boy, did that place give me the creeps! Even in my dream, I could feel an evil presence (not that it really was an evil presence that I felt, it just seemed like it in my dream).

Another time I dreamed that Mom ran our Trail Blazer off a cliff and into a lake of some sort. It wasn't really scarey though 'cause we all floated towards the water very sloooooooooooowly.

It seems to me that now all my dreams are controllable. I can create for myself a villain and then simply toss him to the discard pile, or I could just have myself beat 'im up or......well, you get the picture. It's kind of strange because everything in my dreams can change just like that. I could be running for my life one minute, and the next be playing tag with some little kid.

I don't believe I've ever had a nightmare in my life. Don't get me wrong, I have had some freaky-ish dreams but nothing you could really call a nightmare. God has been really good to this family, protecting our minds from Satan's grasping talons.

Sleepwalking is one of the strangest types of dreaming. Your mind is stuck in another world while your body is back in the real world. I don't believe I've ever sleep walked in my life, but it sure would be an adventure, don't you think? My brother has done it a few times.

Mom and Dad said that one time, when Will was 4 or 5 maybe, he, in the middle of the night, walked into their room and started pressing buttons on the TV. When asked what in the world he was doing, Will replied with a, "I'm trying to get a drink!" After several unsuccessful attempts, Will simply gave up on the "soda fountain" and returned to his bed, the fire in his parched throat had yet to be quenched. Pretty weird, huh?

That reminds me.... Have you ever had a time when you were half asleep and all of a sudden it's like you're falling, and then you "hit the bottom" and jump awake? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Sorry, but it's kind of hard to put into words. Ever had that happen to you? It's happened to me a few times....it's really....weird... I don't know any other way to explain it.....

Well, I reckon I'll be done writing for now, but if you care to tell me of some of your dreaming experiences, feel free to write me at EivarlostOfEverlasting@gmail.com. What's with my email address? Who's Eivarlost?

Pretty stupid really.... I liked the word everlasting, took 'everlast,' changed a few letters, added an 'i' and (walla!) Eivarlost. Stupid? ......Mom hates the name..... Why, you ask? ...because she thinks it sounds like 'everlost.' Maybe it does. I...I still see it as only a name though. She seems to think otherwise. I don't know that she's right, but I don't know that she's wrong either. If God shows me that it's wrong, then fine I'll let the name go, but if it's just a name, and no harm in it, then....I don't know.

I really like it because, well, it's so unique. It's a name that noone in all the world has ever thought of but me. I just want a name for myself. Different, unique, so that I'm the only one with it. A name is special, and that's why I like it. Plus, heh, it's got all my favorite letters in it: 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 's', and 't'. What's so special about them? I don't know. I only see Eivarlost as a name with no meaning. Come to think of it, my full name has all of those letters too. Not that it has any meaning....

Sorry, I'm rambling on about things of no importance. I'll stop now. God bless and good night! ....or day if it is that where you live...lol, sorry.


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