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Friday, January 8, 2010

Driver's Test For Learner's Permit

Hey guys. Well, Mom and I went on down to DMV today, so's I could take the driver's test for my learner's permit. First time going and I was shaking like a leaf when we first got in there, I was SO nervous. Of course, that was probably mostly due to the cold. We got a tid bit of snow last night, so it was kind of cold.

Well, we got into the place and went to the information desk like the sign said. Then I told the guy why I was there, and he gave me a chart to fill out as well as a number thingy that they would use to call me up. It was something like F708... Yeah, the dude at the counter seemed a little skeptical about mine and Mom's ages at first. Lol.

After gathering all the stuff, we went to sit down. Well, I filled out everything in my horrible handwriting... Then we just sat there for awhile... After what seemed like forever (and I was about to jump out of my skin!!), they finally called me up. "F708 to counter 12!" Well, I went on up there, and the lady there tested my eyes. Passed that. Then she snapped my picture. Told me to look at a red square of duct tape for that...

I also had to sign my name on this little computer-like thing-a-ma-bobby that had a certain kind of pen... Yeah, I think you understand. I KINDA...messed...up... My "y" looked like a bunch of scribbles. But whatever...

When that was all done the lady ran through the instructions for the test...blah...blah..blah... I already pretty much knew what I'd have to do for that. It was this touch screen computer. There were 10 questions for the traffic signs (which you HAVE to get ALL right otherwise you FAIL), and then there were 25 questions for general knowledge (you can get up to 6 wrong for that).

Well, I went up to the computer (#4 to the right). They had this phone attached to the side so you could hear what was being said on the screen, but I figured since I could read, I didn't need it. Well, I aced the test for the traffic signs.

Then I came to part 2: General Knowledge. Wasn't too sure about the 1st (or maybe it was the second), so I skipped it (they said you could come back to it later). Went through all the questions and....PASSED!!!

I got about 3 or 4 wrong, 2 of which had to do with drugs and alcohol... Guess I wasn't too sure how much a...whatever they called it...measured in ounces....and then something about what happens if you mix drugs and alcohol... Yeah, well, I'm not too concerned about that.

I never got to come back to that skipped question, but my theory is that that was because even if I failed it, I STILL wouldn't have failed the test. So I guess they didn't think it mattered.

So yeah...got my permit. They should be sending the I.D. card or whatever it is in the mail, along with some paper saying I can drive. I think it's pretty cool that I passed first time. I'm so RELIEVED. Can't wait to see how dumb I look in that picture they took of me! And my scribblely "y"!!



One of the Wassenbergs said...

Congratulations, Courney!

You know what is so weird...Hannah just went and got her learner's permit today!!! (She passed - it was her 2nd test though) I'm going to be posting about it soon.

Once again, congratulations! I can't wait to see what Hannah's picture looks like! :-D

All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

Melissa said...

You did great, Court. And yes, I'm sure your trembles were due to the COLD...LOL.

Courtney or Jaime said...

Oh yeah?? Sweet! Tell her congrats for me!! =D

And driving is so AWESOME!! Dad took me again today (I went once before). I got to drive around my old elementary school's parking lot and part of the way home.

Messed up at one time though and turned too far left making the car go over the double yellow line on Washington...when I tried to aright my mistake by turning left, I turned way too far and ended up driving over a huge mound of snow.

Luckily though, I didn't do too badly, and I didn't run into anything this time. =D