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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Reunion

We went to the family reunion yesterday. It was pretty cool. Got to see the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We went for a picnic in the park.

After we'd finished eating, we went over to the merry-go-round for a bit. Jaime, Will, and I spun all the kids around. Went a little too fast for Trevor (he's our 6 year old cousin); he kept falling off. Silly kid thought he could hang over the edge and not start to fall off. Luckily he only really fell off when we slowed down. I had to pull him up one time.

After that, we all headed down by the water. There was this little wall that you had to climb down (it was slanted). Aunt Becky was freaking out about Rodney (he's about 12 now). Even when he was just on the rocks below, she was freaking out, telling him he was "going to fall". Lol. Funny thing was, she didn't seem to pay too much attention to Taylor (6), and I hear she's the clumbsiest of them all!

Pretty soon, we headed back to the house and went swimming in there pool. Taylor (6) wouldn't go in the water though because she didn't "want to be splashed". Will thought it was actually because she didn't want to wear her floaties. He might be right about that one.

Still, we wore our floaties when we were that little. That reminds me of the time we were there many years ago when I put on like four (heavy duty) tubies (I was like 6 or 7), and then leapt into the pool expecting to go under a bit and then shoot up. What happened was the bottom tubie went under about and inch, and I just sort of floated there, deflated by my failed experiment. Haha. =)

Trevor (5) was so funny at the pool. He walked up to the water and looked into it like he was scared, then, all of a sudden, just jumped on in. Then he burst out of the water waving his arms around yelling, "I'm swimming!! I'm SWIMMING!!". Haha. He's a little drama king if you can catch my meaning.

After drying off, we kids decided to go over to the neighbors' house to jump on their trampoline. Our grandfather said it was alright, so we went. It was pretty fun. No net though, so we had to be careful.

Pretty soon it was time to leave. The drive there and the drive back, I can tell you, were horribly loooooong. And the traffic! Well, it's over now. Tired....


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