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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Jaime has to go to the doctor to get stitches! They (Mom, Will, and Jaime) are heading to the doctor right now!

This is what I hear happened: Will and Jaime were riding their bikes down a hill (hardly big at all, Jaime says). Jaime was in front and Will was behind. Well, when Jaime got down the hill, there was this hole (she didn't see it), and she ran her bike right into it, hit her leg on some piece of the bike, and flew off.

Now her knee has this small, but deep cut in it, so she has to get stitches. I'd say, she's not too happy about it, but she's tough. When she first got shots (she was like 4 or 5), she didn't cry at all.

So, yeah, she's the first one of us kids to ever have to get stitches.


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