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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey guys! Guess what? A few days ago Dad took me down to my old elementary school (Highland Springs Elementary School) to try some driving. It was awesome! I got to drive the Cavalier around the school parking lot.

Had to get used to the turning, but it wasn't too difficult. Drove about 10 mph most times. Started going up to 20 for a short while.

Once when I turned, I turned to sharply and ran the back wheels up the curb. =/

Dad told me to try to park at one point, so I attempted to turn into the parking space, however, I ended up ON the line instead of BETWEEN the 2 lines. Woops!

So, yeah, that was my first driving experience....well...except for the little go-carts I've ridden in when I was younger, but those don't count!


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