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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pictures of Mikey

The first pics are the most recent.

Babysitting Mikey while Mom and Becki (our older cousin) clean. (This is at Mikey's house.)

What's tha─OH MY EYES!!

A real nice pic of the top of Mikey's head. =P

Gulp, gulp, gulp....

Flash got him again. Lol.

Haha look at Court!

She looks so funny when she's taking pictures!

Ah ha...haha....hahaha

Going down.....The Stairs! Dun dun DUN!

Mikey visiting our house for the second time. (I think.)

Looking at me while holding on to Dad's foot. ...Hmm....I wonder who got him that shirt...? =D

He sure loved that big window of ours. Kept looking out and saying "tee" (tree).


Mikey loved going upside down. (That's his dad on the phone there. Michael. Our cousin.)

(a sucked in) Hehehe



Mikey and (our cousin) Becki.


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